Thursday, September 15, 2016


Are you going on holiday soon? Or did you just get back? Start planning a new trip just so you can look forward to exploring a new place! But first continue reading down below as I am telling you my top 10 of favorite activities Daniel and I did on our Croatia holiday! The examples I'm giving in this post can be easily adjusted to your dream destination so keep on reading even when you're headed somewhere else!

In the first installment of my travel guide, which went up last week, I talked to you about places to stay in Croatia. We decided to do both rooms/zimmers, hotels and campsites to keep everything really affordable but there is plenty of choice if you’re looking for hotels as well. So go check that out if you haven't already!

Today I'm posting part two - what to do in Croatia?! I will share my 10 favorite activities with tips and tricks so you can do activities you will never forget!

1 - Jump in a mountain river
Forget about swimming pools and the Adriatic for a second. Ice cold mountain rivers are the next best thing. The water is incredibly clear and totally refreshing. And unlike sea water, this clean water won't make you feel sticky once you've dried up. Funny story: Daniel and I left our swim shorts and bikini in the car on our walk through Paklenica National Park. So when we bumped into this beautiful swimming spot he gave me his tanktop that fits me like a mini dress and I swam in it :-).

Friday, September 02, 2016


In the beginning of this year Daniel and I decided we wanted to fill in our holiday a little bit different than what we're used to. Our plan? Driving through Europe as opposed to our usual holiday by plane. Direction? Croatia. Ultimate goal? Reaching Dubrovnik! Nicknamed ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, the city lies over 1850 kilometers from my hometown! As you can imagine, a thrilling voyage for two twentysomething soulmates :-).

A couple of months ago, we started reading (more) into the Balkans history, researching activities, pinning inspiring images on our shared Croatia Pinterest board, and drawing up a map full of icons at certain locations in Google Maps. This way, we had some idea of the places we wanted to visit and this made it easier to figure out our next move once we crossed the Croatian border. We had been playing with the idea of a roadtrip in our heads since the end of 2015 but ended up booking accommodations only 10 days in advance. As in, places to spend the first two nights. For the other nights we figured we would see once we arrived at our destination. Adventures, baby!
Accidentally bumped into this cool green oasis in the heart of Split
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