Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Today I'm showing you a gorgeous red lipstick from MAC - Matte finish: Diva.In the photo above I'm wearing the lipstick. I got inspired to write about my current favorite lipstick because of a lot of beauty bloggers that I follow. I bought mine last month at the MAC Cosmetics counter inside the Douglas perfumery, Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. For my birthday I was given a €15 gift card to spend so I ended up only paying €3,50 for a MAC lipstick (which to me felt like a total bargain!) and it made the whole purchase a little party, haha! My best friend and I put on the lipstick right after we left the store and we noticed how different it looked on either of us. At night we went to the Beyoncé concert (!!!) and I felt like a #truediva wearing the dark matte lip color. But why on earth did I get so obsessed with this lipstick color? The answer is... Shay Mitchell.
You're never fully dressed without a smile...
When I first saw this look I was sold. I thought it was both sexy ànd smart. A deadly combination! I looked up the exact lipstick Shay had on her lips but I thought €40 was too much to spend on a lipstick, even a high end one by Tom Ford. After I showed this picture to the friendly advisor at the MAC counter, she immediately got the color Diva from a drawer and made me try it on. The lipstick Shay is wearing is Black Orchid by Tom Ford. Diva is truly a great dupe. Lip colors look different on everyone because some lips are more pigmented than others and skin colors can change the way a lip color looks. Next to that I always put on my own make-up while Shay had Quinn Murphy do it for her. I don't blame her! Quinn is a New York based celebrity make-up artist and her work is amazing. Shay dedicated an entire blogpost to her Super Bowl look called Get the look: Super Bowl Hair & Make-up!
What I love most about this lip color is the mystery it brings to any look. I do find that this lipstick dries out my lips really fast. A scrub and moisturize pre-treatment is required if you want your lips to look nice when wearing this lipstick. I have to be honest with you: I haven't put Diva on that many times yet because it's not very daytime appropriate and I don't wanna be concerned wheather of or not my lipstick is still in place when I'm at college or hanging out with friends. It was however, VERY Beyoncé-concert-proof! Here is a little snap shot from our night with Queen B! Pardon me for the bad lighting but I really am wearing Diva.


Friday, April 25, 2014


I am in such a happy mood from spending 4 beautiful days with my favorite person in the world. And it really shines through in every other aspect of my life. I feel inspired to blog, motivated to eat healthy, I want to exercise and I am really there for the people around me because I am not distracted by little unimportant things. It also shows in my outfits. Flowers and bright colors!

Monday, April 14, 2014

OOTD Red Wash

Today is just a day like any other. I'm doing a little homework, reading blog articles and watching new video's on YouTube.
I thought it would be nice to show you the outfit that I'm wearing today. Very laid-back but still smart and appropriate for class. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Every season I love finding pieces that compliment my existing wardrobe while at the same time giving it a little update. Combining the old with the new is something that helps me create my personal style because I can mix and match my favorite jeans with a new top, therefore not buying a whole outfit following the latest fashion trends.
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