Friday, April 25, 2014


I am in such a happy mood from spending 4 beautiful days with my favorite person in the world. And it really shines through in every other aspect of my life. I feel inspired to blog, motivated to eat healthy, I want to exercise and I am really there for the people around me because I am not distracted by little unimportant things. It also shows in my outfits. Flowers and bright colors!
Also, todays weather is really only accentuating my happiness. This morning I went to the market with my mother and we both had an Italian ice cream. We sat down to enjoy. Literally everyone was wearing one or more of the following items: sunglasses, open toes, sun hats, shorts, beachy dresses. I made me even happier!Afterwards I made a Greek salad at home and enjoyed it outside for lunch. 
I could get used to this kind of life :). At noon I decided to change outfits because it was almost 25 degrees outside. What better to wear than this black tank top?
It's by H&M. Loving the thin straps that are in every store right now. It also has a pretty cool backside.
Paired it with my daisy skirt from H&M as well. Oh and if you're wondering what I'm holding in my hand... This years Bikini Series is right around the corner so I thought since I hadn't filled up my little notebook for the Love Your Body series, I would take it out and use it again for this challenge. I am so in love with the design, light and bright pink stripes. The heart on the cover is actually the logo of Tone It Up. I just printed it out and glued it on. 
New Essie nail polish I bought. Lovey Dovey. A super pretty pink! 
My legs and feet are very pale right now. Milk bottle legs, I'd almost say... Everything looks better on tanned legs, this nail polish isn't an exception but I still think it looks cute.
Tomorrow is Kings Day in the Netherlands. I really wish I could be one of those little kids in primary school so I was playing the Kings Games today along with them. It looks like way to much fun!

I don't have any plans for tomorrow yet. Let me know what you are up to and happy May holidays everyone!


  1. Mooie foto's! Dat rokje ziet er ook echt heel schattig uit!!

  2. hele leuke kleur zeg lovely girl! lots of love,

  3. Oooh ik ga eens kijken naar dat rokje in de h&m. Must love them daisies!

    Ps: momenteel is er een winactie op mijn site. Doe je ook mee? <:o)


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