Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Next week two months ago my parents and I set off on a trip to Zakynthos, a beautiful Greek island. Mom and dad gave me this trip as a graduation gift. What better gift than exploring a beautiful holiday destination? Or so my parents seemed to think (and read my mind) :-)
Right now I'm sitting inside, drinking green tea, bundled in layers of clothing for maximum warmth. Outside al leaves have changed color and if it weren't for the rain I'd be going for a fall walk. But here I am, typing a new blogpost letting the magic of reminiscing do its work in the hope of feeling a little warmer inside.
Last week I finished my travel video of our week in Zakynthos that I would like to share here on Truly Mar. It is short, it is sweet. I hope you enjoy!

Click here if you cannot watch the video!

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