Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We Dutchies all know the struggle. You just checked yourself out in the mirror. You were looking damn fiiiine, girl! Hair all done, the perfect winged eyeliner and you smell like your favorite YSL perfume. You've pulled the door shot and are all ready to jump on your bicycle when suddenly an ominous feeling comes over you...Winter is not here yet, you know that much. But the moment you stepped outside you knew something was different... The sun is shining but the air is chilly and the weather app on your smartphone tells you today it can get a little stormy. Then a realization comes over you. It has finally happened. Fall has arrived. 
Reluctant, because you don't want to admit summer is really over, you decide to brave the storm. On your way you can hardly see the cycle paths as they are covered with colorful autumn leaves. As you pass a couple of trees, overhanging spider webs find their way to your bare skin and as if by chance acorns somehow manage to fall right on your head. When you finally succeed  to arrive at your destination in one piece, you rush yourself to the nearest bathroom only to find out you look nothing like the person who left your house in good spirits about half an hour ago... No, you look like a snotty toddler who has used mom's beauty case and your eyes resemble those of a panda. Great! You recognize yourself in the above? Well let me tell you what I like about fall then. The endless and infinite array of scarfs, coats and boots to choose from. 
In this blog trilogy called Fall Fashion I'm going to share with you my favorite fashion numbers for fall. This week on the menu, womens all time favorite accessory; the scarf. I might also have included some tips on how to survive these turbulent, rainy journeys to school and work so keep on reading...
My best scarf picks for fall
 The first scarf that I'm loving at the moment is this bright cobalt blue scarf with a striped fabric pattern and a frayed edge. The scarf is very long which makes it easy to drape it around your neck and shoulders in different ways.
 This big scarf is a comfortable accessory for the cooler seasons. It is super soft and it matches literally every coat/jacket because it is a very earthy grey tint.
My tartan scarf! This is the only scarf with more than one color. Apparently I unconsciously have a vast preference for quiet, solid colored scarves. I usually tend to buy plain scarfs that stand out because of their structure but this one I bought because the black, white and red looks so cool paired with a leather jacket.
All scarfs are from C&A except for the tartan printed one, which is by the Six.

Mar's tip for this week: leave your house a little early and bring a little make-up bag with you. When you do your make-up at school or work, the weather conditions won't get the chance to ruin your carefully done make-up look!

Bonus video for all of you who read until the very end. A scene from one of my favorite comedies that happens to match todays blogpost perfectly!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


 Friday, Saturday and Sunday must be my favorite days of the week. I always get so much done, get to decide at what time I go to the gym, get out of bed or make lunch. The weekend is my happy place! I had a great weekend in which I did a lot of different things. Enough reason to go through my iPhone camera folder and share some of my favorite moments with you!


Monday, September 28, 2015


Even though Truly Mar isn't a beauty blog I am going to devote todays post to one of my number one beauty products: Chanel CC Cream SPF 30/PA+++ in the shade 32 Beige Rosé. To me a CC cream acts as a fundament on which I draw my art. As long as this fundament is applied properly the foundation/basis is solid and long-lasting. Then the fun part can start! Do I want smokey eyes today? Or a bold lip? Having an even face, both in smoothness and color, will make it possible to do just about anything with the rest of your make-up because it will keep your face quiet and in the background so you can accentuate your favorite parts.

On Chanels website I found this beautiful piece of product advertisement:

The power of CC CREAM

The original Complete Correction by CHANEL reveals its new powers in the latest extra-powerful formula. Offer your skin 5 targeted actions for a natural result and a flawless complexion. Its concept: the combination of a highly protective and complete skincare product with perfectly natural makeup. Its texture: a non-oily moisturising cream in perfect affinity with the skin. (This text was accompanied with an artsy video which I suggest you check out for yourself.)

I have been using this product since January but I put it aside over the summer since I'm only using the minimum amount of make-up in the warmer months. I like to keep it light this time of year because it makes it easier to get a nice tan on my face and the CC cream doesn't match my face once it's become a darker hue. I've been using this product for a good half year. I think the product will last me at least another six months.

With fall approaching I start to look a little pale and I personally like to cover up those under eye circles that have returned from summer camp. What do I think of this product? I am going to tell you based on pictures. In the comparing photo below I'm not wearing any make-up besides eyebrow powder to show you exactly what this CC cream does for my face.

As you can see, on the left I have quite a lot of redness in my face, my skin is splotchy and the skin surrounding my eyes has a blue tinge. The picture on the right shows that all of the for said have minimized and that my skin is more smooth and healthy looking. It makes total sense that Chanel dominates the CC cream business. Think about it. The double C's? That's only been their signature since the Coco Chanel days!

This stuff works miracles for me. The thing that I like best is how it evens out my entire face. I only barely go over my forehead because I still want my freckles to show. Besides, f I put on too much it will look fake because the microscopic blonde facial hairs and freckles are more visible when the surplus CC cream attaches itself and forms a layer.

This CC cream is amazing if you have dry to normal skin like me and you want flawless complexion or if you want to look like a porcelain newborn. Instead of using a heavy foundation, opt for this nurturing CC cream with SPF. That way you're not only nourishing but also protecting your skin. I thought the price tag was it's only downside but when I did my purchase I got 20% off.

Chanel CC cream comes in 2 different shades to adapt to all skin tones. For more information visit the Chanel website.

Which are your favourite CC's or BB's?

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Today I'm dedicating an article to fashion. I strongly believe an outfit can make or break the day for you because it can influence your self-assurance, the way you feel and your mood which will reflect on the outside. This outfit I wore to Marie Claire @ work on Friday & I wore it again on Saturday because I liked it so much. And all the other clothes I had at my disposal weren't good enough so I just went for it! As long as it is still clean and smells fresh, why not right?

The black leathery leggings are from Clockhouse, the white blouse is from New Look and the sweater is from ONLY. The blouse is a little on longer in the back which is perfect for wearing over leggings and jeggings because it covers just enough of your rear ;-). For jewelry I hang a delicate golden necklace around my neck and paired it with my favorite watch by Parfois. On the other arm I'm wearing an open pearl cuff bracelet and I have Essie on my nails in the color Fifth Avenue. I especially love all the little golden details in my accessories. My black ankle boots are from Rieker. Seriously the most comfortable pair of boots I own!

Wearing an outfit that makes me feel like a super woman definitely encourages me to show myself to the world and be proud of who I am. For example the event that I went to, or a presentation at school. If you wear something that you believe looks super cool on you, you will automatically act, a little bit more, like it.

The color and the way this top resembles a cable knit sweater is exactly what I like.This is definitely my new favorite knit for fall and I'm sure I'll get tons of wear out of it. Also, it's perfect for those colder days or chilly evenings when you want to throw something on top of the rest of your outfit because it is warm and easy to combine with other colors.

The black of the boots and pants creates great contrast with the lighter colors on top. And my hair color ties the whole look together.

I even wore it to the gym, casually thrown over my work-out clothes. Boyfriend is driving me around now instead of the other way around. In August he passed his driving test and I never get to drive the car anymore. That's how much he loves it! :-)

Let me know what you think of this outfit and I would love to hear what kind of items you are rocking this fall!

Friday, September 25, 2015


This photo was taken last spring at the Brooklyn Bridge. New York City fueled me with imperishable energy that I can forever make use of. I get an instant shot of happiness just by looking at the pictures I took. The very second this blog post enters the online stratosphere I am in a train on my way to another cool city: Amsterdam. Today I am attending the lifestyle experience: Marie Claire @Work. I am super excited to go because I signed up for two interesting masterclasses: - Become your own brand & - Undertaking.
You can follow the events of today with the hashtag #MCATWORK2015 or just keep an eye out for new updates on my Twitter @_____Mar and Instagram @marjoleinevelien accounts. To be honest I had never even heard of this event before my friend and partner in crime Allysia sent me an invite + free ticket. Thanks, girl! 
The fact that this event is one of the highlights of this week is not the only reason I'm bringing it up on my blog. Since the beginning of this school year I have been thinking more and more about life after college. First, the realization that such a thing even exists had to sink in. After that ideas began to flow so fast that I found myself writing in my notebook constantly and at high speed. Not with answers to childhood nostalgia evoking answers to questions such as: "What do you want to become when you grow up?" But with vague desciptions of jobs I'm not even sure exist or are paid.
In 2009 I graduated high school and I have been going to college ever since. I took a little detour through university-land before I enrolled in my current education Human Information Design and Strategy. This photo was taken freshman year in front of my school.
A lot has changed since then. Next June I hope to finish my Bachelor's degree so I can put my diploma in a shiny golden frame and shove it under everyone's nose. But the reality is that I am a little afraid of the future because I have no idea what I'll be doing one year from now. I am learning new things about myself everyday and I discover hobbies and talents I never knew I had. This is one of the charming reasons you should cherish your twenties. You have great faith in yourself and believe you have the whole world at your feet. I hope to keep this train of thought with my till the end of time because it makes me feel inspired, enthusiastic and ready to take on the best adventures. A diploma is a great help in finding a job but I feel like I can end up anywhere. As long as I let my heart lead me to my dreams I know I'll be fine.
So to tie it all together, todays event is sure going to help me determine my path to the future. I already possess a lot of knowledge about my capabilities but I can use all the help there is to make the path I'm going to walk most profitable. I will soon write an article about my experiences at  #MCATWORK2015 and I will keep you posted about my future plans. Have a great day! xx


Thursday, September 24, 2015


The other day I walked into a book store without anything specific in mind. At the cookbook department I always stop for a minute to admire the stylish book covers and read the titles. It surprised me how many books look-alike. There are so many similar books about healthy food that you might feel lost in this part of a book store. I bought myself a book that really stood out to me amongst all the others.
In Perfect Condition, written by 29-year-old Ellen Hoog. She is a Dutch female field hockey player and member of the Netherlands women's national field hockey team. A fit chick, you can imagine (and see below).

I was interested in finding her reason for writing this book and on YouTube I encountered an interview she had with Humberto Tan at RTL Late Night. Ellens words:
"My teammates always asked me questions about my strength training and healthy snacks. And on social media people were always asking me the same questions and more; if I could provide them with the recipe? I then decided I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone in the form of a personal book."

And personal it is. Ellen not only shares recipes and workouts, she also tells you about her youth, her family and the man in her life. Even though the book has been completely written in Dutch, the images and recipes are comprehensible for everyone, whatever language. I'm going to show you what it is that makes me like this book so much.

First of all, popcorn. I mean.. need I say more? Second of all, I am a very visually set person and if you are like me this book won't let you down. The photography is a feast for the eye. The photographs, shot by numerous photographers, are very attractive. As in, you need to keep yourself in check in order not to lick the recipes of the pages. The goodness!

The other thing that I really like has already been said, this book also gives you an idea of what the life of a top sporter is like. This personal touch lets you connect with the blue-eyed blonde and her lifestyle.

Another big plus is the fact that the recipes are simple and the necessary ingredients are easy to get your hands on. 80% of the recipes is vegetarian. The ones that contain fish or meat are easily adjustable to a completely vegetarian meal. This book is right up my street! Ellen has added a Culi tip or Sport tip to every recipe. These tips are about variety, how to make up a plate and which foodies are best before, during or after your work-out. 45 recipes + 6 work-outs = guarantee to make my smile!
And finally, getting fit with a famous hockey player as your personal coach, who wouldn't want that?! Ellen not only has an amazing body to aspire but she also knows exactly what to say at the right time. So motivating! I am going to use this book to get back on track with my fitness. The first lesson that I'm going to actively work on is 2x cardio and 2x strength training each week. I'll keep you posted!

You are stronger than you think you are, and so is your body.

In Perfect Condition is available through publisher Carrera, and in book stores for €19,99.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A simple delicious recipe for vegetarian lasagna. Preheat the oven to 200ºC/400ºF/gas 6, go sit in your favorite chair and keep on reading...
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted nothing more than to live a vegetarian life. I've always had a big heart for animals and I couldn't understand why I had to eat meat, which to me felt so unnatural. Finding the same animals on my dinner plate that I loved in the petting zoo by day made me realize that to me loving and eating is incompatible when it comes to living, breathing, thinking and feeling animals (meaning all of them). When I was ten years old I told my mom and dad I wanted to be a vegetarian. Hesitant at first because they were worried about my health and missing necessary nutrients, but later on more and more helpful. They have always supported my decision by buying me alternatives and eating the same meals only slightly altered. About three times a week my whole family enjoys vegetarian meals now. By becoming a vegetarian I have made my parents and brother eat healthier too!
For this recipe you don't need much except for tons of veggies. You can choose any you like but I will give you a list of the ingredients that I used:
  • lasagna pasta
  • 10 roma tomatoes
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 onion
  • 800 ml tomato sauce
  • 1 zucchini cut in oblong thin pieces
  • 3 bell peppers
  • vegetarian meatballs cut in half
  • black pepper
  • oregano
  • goat cheese
  • feta cheese

I started by cutting everything into the size I wanted. Bell peppers in tiny pieces, roma tomatoes and veggie meatballs in half. Feta in little chunks. Now we come to the part where I ate a piece of garlic thinking it was zucchini. Please don't repeat this step. Meanwhile, slice the zucchini crossways into chunky crescents.
For the sauce, I just used two cans of tomato sauce from the grocery store but I would always prefer homemade over canned. I did blend in one onion and 120 grams of goat cheese to give it a rich, sweet taste. 
Like a typical lasagna you work with layers. Make sure the lasagna sheets are covered with sauce, this will make the pasta soft which is good. My layering went as follows:
1. tomato sauce
2. lasagna sheets
3 zucchini
4. bell peppers
The roma tomatoes, vegetarian meatballs, feta cheese, garlic and herbs I added on top. The feta then gets a gorgeous tan color which makes it look even more tasty in my opinion.
Put in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes,  and voila: your super healthy, tasty comforting lasagna dish is ready! Which gives me no other option but to close of this post and tell you bon appétit!
This image I made especially for you Pinterest freaks lovers out there. I know you're reading this. Pin this and you can always come back here later if you want to treat yourself to a tasty, veggie oven meal!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The brand that in my eyes deserves to win the blogger brand of SS|2015 award: Aquazzura a.k.a. famous instagram shoe, a.k.a. shoegasm of every woman. Olivia Palermo, Sincerely Jules and The Material Girl posted tons of pictures sporting these beauties.
For me personally a pair of Aquazzura flats is way too expensive. One look at and I'm drooling and crying at the same time. I can't afford it and if I could... well that's a different story and for another time. But a girl can dream right? 
You can probably imagine my delight in finding not one but two dead ringers when I was shopping at Forever 21 with my mother last week. Yes that's right, my look-alike Aquazzura's are from Forever 21 and a real steal at only €22. Especially considering that I got these from my mother as a present. Thanks, mommie! They might not be an exact dupe or anything but to me these shoes are similar because they entail the same vibe the real Aquazurra's radiate: a mix of sexy lexy meets business woman.
With the same vampish cut-out details and pointed toe, I was sold rightaway. The only thing missing is the sultry lace-up closure. But let's pretend that part is hidden beneath the jeans leg! The low heel means I can wear it all day long without finding blisters on my toes at the end of the day. Bye bye plasters! The flats are made of faux suede and are embellished with gold-colored buckles, three on each shoe. The crisscrossing of the straps makes the resemblance with Aquazzura Christy flats. The metallic heel is the icing on the cake.
Ohh don't you just love them? I know I do!
 You can find this pair here and you can choose between black or burgundy. I tried on both colors but decided to go with black because they are more versatile what makes them more wearable and thus more value for money. But burgundy is totally hot this season so it's a good option too. In the Amsterdam store I saw another pair of flats that really resembles the Aquazzura Christy flats. Click here to view those online. But when trying it on, it didn't show any toe cleavage which is an absolute must for me. It was either no toe showing or no lace-up and I chose the latter. But this is a matter of personal taste which is why I'm leaving the links to both flats on my blog. The choice is yours. Tell me in the comments below what type of flats you cannot live without! 


Sunday, September 20, 2015


One of the best feelings in the world: new hair. At least, when you're happy & satisfied with the look you leave the salon with. And I can tell you one thing, I definitely am! I had been pinning pictures of enviable dark hairdo's for the longest time. And to be honest, I already knew what dark hair would do for my eyes and skin tone. 
*add one more before picture*
These are my before pictures, snapped by respectively my mother and my friend. The lighter hair I was sporting was fun for the summer time being but I suffered from dark hair yearnings so it wasn't a difficult decision to make. My girl Allysia from Ruffle Up told me about her hair plans so we decided to make a we want dreamy hair-double appointment at Yes! Salon in Deventer.
 Super handy, those mirrors. They make you see whatever is going on behind you (my in doubt friend, to cut short or not to cut short?)! She went for a cool lob à la Jennifer Aniston while my hairdresser, who had just finished the hair dye application on my manes, brought me a selection of the latest glossy's. What better way to get through the waiting time then summer romances in the Cosmopolitan and fall fashion in Elle, right?
She poured me a glass of water and then pulled out the hair color books that contained colors she thought I would like. My main concern was to prevent my hair color from having a red glow. I was going for a natural look. She knew exactly what would suit my skin tone best so we decided to keep it Mediterranean with only the neccessary percentage of warmth.
The result:
Yay so happy! My hair feels soft and it shines like never before. I think the darker hair is perfect for the coming and colder months and it is something I had been dreaming about for months . To any of you that always go to the hairdresser but end up only getting the ends cut: 
if it's still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk!

 A few things I would like to express my sincere compliments about:

1. We had two coiffeurs working on our hair, alternating between cutting the hair and dyeing it. The hairdressers really took the time for us both. I didn't feel rushed at all and they stayed customer friendly throughout the entire treatment. I know it's kind of a condition but not one you always get so I was very pleased they lived up to my expectations during the four hours (I know!) I was in the salon
2. Yes!Salon feels luxurious thanks to the color usage in the interior, mainly black and gold, but the prices are very reasonable
3. The hair coloring that is used has a brilliant finish and it leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and now I can't stop touching it
My hair now even matches my favorite cookies ;-) 
Thanks for beautifying me, Kim & colleague

Saturday, September 19, 2015


In the third week of the new school year I found just how hard it is to keep up writing daily content for my blog. That's why I deliberately decided to always choose quality over quantity. Creating high quality content is definitely time consuming but I wouldn't want to have it any other way. With every post I put out there I want to feel confident that it is 100% me. This means that one week I'll upload a new post every day, while the other week I manage to publish 3 posts over seven days.
I think it is better for my readers and myself to have a schedule that you can stick to but I first have to find something that works for me. On my days off and on weekends I have more time on hands to take photographs and think of clever topics that connect perfectly with the message I want to carry out with Truly Mar.
The most important thing to me is top-notch writing & excellent and original photography. And I believe that everything else will automatically fall into place after that. Once you get the basics right and stay true to your own message there is a big chance things will only get better and better. If less posts means slower growth of the blog, that is how it is. But I obviously hope to get better at weaving my blog into the rest of my life. If you have any tips, be sure to leave them in the comments below. Happy reading!

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