Saturday, September 05, 2015


Giving you a little bit of beach and sunshine with these photos because I got back from Malta a little over a week ago and I’m already missing it!

Day 1 Valletta
We decided to kick-off our holiday by visiting the capital city: Valletta. We tried the local pastizzi, drank some Cisk beer and admired the narrow streets, colorful doors, beautiful door knockers and ‎famous‬‪ ‎Maltese balconies.
Day 2 Mdina, Ħaġar Qim & Mnajdra and the Blue Grotto
Today we did a culinary activity in a historical city: we went to the Fontanella Tea Gardens in Mdina where we drank Kinny and ate pie while overlooking a huge part of Malta. After that we went to see prehistoric temples situated upon a cliff. And to end this wonderful day we went on a little boat to see beautiful caves including the Blue Grotto.
Day 3 Three Cities
This was definitely one of the most beautiful places I've seen on Malta. There were hardly any tourists and the atmosphere was relaxed. An older fisherman took us back to Valletta with his boat.
Day 4 Gozo
We saw so much in one day! I have to say we also spent a lot of time on the bus this day because it was a long ride to the ferrie and on Gozo we had to take some more buses. We both agree that Gozo indeed proved its worth, especially the Azure Window which was well worth traveling for.

Day 5 Marsaxlokk and St. Peters Pool
The small village of Marsaxlokk is really cute. It has nice cafés that look out on the water where you see the luggi boats with the famous eyes on them. After that we bought some souvenirs, then went on a 30 minute hike to St. Peters Pool which was awesome!

Day 6 Buskett Gardens and San Anton Gardens
One tip. Skip the Buskett and go straight to the San Anton Gardens. It was beautiful. Game of Thrones was filmed there and the fauna and flora is amazing.
Day 7 Valletta
On our last day we wanted to feel extremely relaxed so we took a boat to Valletta (no more buses for us) and we enjoyed ice sorbets and got ourselves some more pastizzi with peas and cheese. Then this happened. We walked through some streets and it was so warm... Daniel took off his shirt and walked right through the water jets. I immediately followed after him! It was such a happy, free moment. We truly felt like two kids with not a care in the world. It was the perfect ending of our holiday. After that I did have to walk trough the city in a wet dress but it helped with the heat and I honestly couldn't really care if people stared at us. It was just us and the fountains at St. George's Square.


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