Sunday, September 20, 2015


One of the best feelings in the world: new hair. At least, when you're happy & satisfied with the look you leave the salon with. And I can tell you one thing, I definitely am! I had been pinning pictures of enviable dark hairdo's for the longest time. And to be honest, I already knew what dark hair would do for my eyes and skin tone. 
*add one more before picture*
These are my before pictures, snapped by respectively my mother and my friend. The lighter hair I was sporting was fun for the summer time being but I suffered from dark hair yearnings so it wasn't a difficult decision to make. My girl Allysia from Ruffle Up told me about her hair plans so we decided to make a we want dreamy hair-double appointment at Yes! Salon in Deventer.
 Super handy, those mirrors. They make you see whatever is going on behind you (my in doubt friend, to cut short or not to cut short?)! She went for a cool lob à la Jennifer Aniston while my hairdresser, who had just finished the hair dye application on my manes, brought me a selection of the latest glossy's. What better way to get through the waiting time then summer romances in the Cosmopolitan and fall fashion in Elle, right?
She poured me a glass of water and then pulled out the hair color books that contained colors she thought I would like. My main concern was to prevent my hair color from having a red glow. I was going for a natural look. She knew exactly what would suit my skin tone best so we decided to keep it Mediterranean with only the neccessary percentage of warmth.
The result:
Yay so happy! My hair feels soft and it shines like never before. I think the darker hair is perfect for the coming and colder months and it is something I had been dreaming about for months . To any of you that always go to the hairdresser but end up only getting the ends cut: 
if it's still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk!

 A few things I would like to express my sincere compliments about:

1. We had two coiffeurs working on our hair, alternating between cutting the hair and dyeing it. The hairdressers really took the time for us both. I didn't feel rushed at all and they stayed customer friendly throughout the entire treatment. I know it's kind of a condition but not one you always get so I was very pleased they lived up to my expectations during the four hours (I know!) I was in the salon
2. Yes!Salon feels luxurious thanks to the color usage in the interior, mainly black and gold, but the prices are very reasonable
3. The hair coloring that is used has a brilliant finish and it leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and now I can't stop touching it
My hair now even matches my favorite cookies ;-) 
Thanks for beautifying me, Kim & colleague


  1. Hi baby girl! I absolutely love this look on you. So classy and suits you so well. Thanks again for being my support in this life changing decision to cut my hair haha! And mostly thanks for your wise words. As always! Now go on and be fabulous! XOXO

    1. Hi love! You're welcome, I'd do it again no questions asked ;-)! Thank you for your sweet message and I will definitely keep your last words in mind. XOXOX

  2. I like the color of your hair.



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