Tuesday, September 01, 2015


I love food. I love devouring all kinds of mouthwatering eatables. If I had a food blog I probably would've named it Mar Loves Food. Only if it wasn't so generic. My love for food is transboundery too. It literally takes me across borders. Especially abroad I fall in love because I somehow always manage to stumble upon a local dish that tastes like it's made in heaven. Dolci Peccati was just like that. Me and my man literally passed by this small store and we instantly decided we were in serious need of ice cream. The long line of customers and broad choice of fresh colorful ice cream pulled us in.
We chose pistache, straciatella and coconut and asked for a waffle cone so we could share. A few days later we were in the same area and without a word we entered the café again. This time through the door on the left which leads you straight to the pastries. Oh my... Sweets, cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream... It was a little too much for me, haha. We chose some pastries and ate them in one of their cute little seats. As you can imagine my boyfriend had to drag me out like a little girl in a candy store afterwards. 
We expected prices to be a little bit higher because of the excellent service and super delicious treats but Dolci Peccati surprised us once more by also being super affordable. For example, a really big brownie cost only €1 and the cigars only €0,50. Croissants were around €1,40 but I didn't try one unfortunately.
We went back on our last evening to get breakfast for the next morning and a little treat to take home to our families. On our first time here the waitress explained every single pastry in the glass case at the counter. They advised us on our breakfast choice. Above all they were concerned when they heard we were gonna take it with us in our hand luggage so they packed it extra carefully and told us they hoped custom would let us keep it. They did luckily! All members of staff at Dolci Peccati no exceptions were incredibly friendly and patient with us. I highly suggest you go here when you visit Malta.
Let me make it even easier for you:
268, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta.
Personal recommendations:
-Sigaretta Pistacchio (see photo! and order at least two, one is not enough)
-Big Bad Brownie (seriously the best one I ever had...)

Boyfriends recommendations:
-Tartella Pistacchio (girlfriend, this is better than your sigaretta)
-Apple Pie
-Frutti di Bosco pie
-Canolli alla Ricotta
(which he described as something that resembles a banana but is in reality sweet ricotta filling)

And I really wanted to try one of those pistache croissants but unfortunately they were sold out for the day. All the more reason to come back right? Dolci Peccati. When you say it out loud it sounds super cute and chic. In translation it means as much as sweet sins. I love quirky names. But I loved their desserts even more! It's the best place for ice cream and Sicilian sweets on the island. And it was awesome to have a brownie for breakfast. You should give it a try some time!


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