Friday, September 25, 2015


This photo was taken last spring at the Brooklyn Bridge. New York City fueled me with imperishable energy that I can forever make use of. I get an instant shot of happiness just by looking at the pictures I took. The very second this blog post enters the online stratosphere I am in a train on my way to another cool city: Amsterdam. Today I am attending the lifestyle experience: Marie Claire @Work. I am super excited to go because I signed up for two interesting masterclasses: - Become your own brand & - Undertaking.
You can follow the events of today with the hashtag #MCATWORK2015 or just keep an eye out for new updates on my Twitter @_____Mar and Instagram @marjoleinevelien accounts. To be honest I had never even heard of this event before my friend and partner in crime Allysia sent me an invite + free ticket. Thanks, girl! 
The fact that this event is one of the highlights of this week is not the only reason I'm bringing it up on my blog. Since the beginning of this school year I have been thinking more and more about life after college. First, the realization that such a thing even exists had to sink in. After that ideas began to flow so fast that I found myself writing in my notebook constantly and at high speed. Not with answers to childhood nostalgia evoking answers to questions such as: "What do you want to become when you grow up?" But with vague desciptions of jobs I'm not even sure exist or are paid.
In 2009 I graduated high school and I have been going to college ever since. I took a little detour through university-land before I enrolled in my current education Human Information Design and Strategy. This photo was taken freshman year in front of my school.
A lot has changed since then. Next June I hope to finish my Bachelor's degree so I can put my diploma in a shiny golden frame and shove it under everyone's nose. But the reality is that I am a little afraid of the future because I have no idea what I'll be doing one year from now. I am learning new things about myself everyday and I discover hobbies and talents I never knew I had. This is one of the charming reasons you should cherish your twenties. You have great faith in yourself and believe you have the whole world at your feet. I hope to keep this train of thought with my till the end of time because it makes me feel inspired, enthusiastic and ready to take on the best adventures. A diploma is a great help in finding a job but I feel like I can end up anywhere. As long as I let my heart lead me to my dreams I know I'll be fine.
So to tie it all together, todays event is sure going to help me determine my path to the future. I already possess a lot of knowledge about my capabilities but I can use all the help there is to make the path I'm going to walk most profitable. I will soon write an article about my experiences at  #MCATWORK2015 and I will keep you posted about my future plans. Have a great day! xx



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