Saturday, February 18, 2017


Six cold pressed raw fruit and vegetable juices by Naturalicious. 
Two weeks ago I visited the National Health Fair in Utrecht with my friend Dorien. It was a fun and interesting day full of health related presentations, tastings and demonstrations. We sneakily tried out all kinds of cookies and chocolates. Among all the food and drink stalls I noticed the brand Naturalicious. I have always been into smoothies and juices so I was drawn towards these colorful bottles of goodness. I decided to buy their deal of the day: six cold pressed raw fruit & vegetable juices for €10. And of course I am going to tell you all about my experience in this blog post!
So for the last six days I drank one juice per day. I did not have a specific goal in mind and I did not swap out any meals. The juices were healthy extra's filled with enzymes, minerals and vitamins. I was very curious about the different flavours and how they would make me feel. Supercharged?!

Monday, February 13, 2017


My favorite breakfast: overnight oats. 

My go to overnight oats breakfast. It's so simple I didn't even think about sharing it. But since I'm really enjoying this breakfast (I have been eating it most mornings for about a year now!) I thought I'd give you guys this ordinary overnight oats recipe anyway. It is always optional to leave ingredients out and add different fruits and condiments that you like. This is why I think overnight oats are really for everyone because you can personalize it till it's your own. I of course have to add my favorite fruit, raspberries.

Friday, February 10, 2017


It's almost Tuesday, February 14 a.k.a. Valentine's Day 2017! Not sure what to get your sugar this year? How about freshly baked cookies? Always a winner! And would you believe me if I tell you that these almond meal crunchies are actually healthy and good for you?! Promise! Easy & quick to make as well. What more do you want? Oh right... someone to eat these with :-). But you can also just bake up a batch and eat them "aaaaaall byyyyyy yoooourseeeeelf!"

Almond flour cookies. I first learned about these cookies through Mimi Ikonn. Mimi has been an inspiration for me for many years now. If you don't know who she is, look her up on YouTube and Instagram. Mimi Ikonn and her husband Alex Ikonn have always inspired me to eat healthy foods, preferably produce from your own country and what is in season at the moment. The original recipe for these almond flour cookies comes from a cookbook Mimi wrote a couple of years ago. It's called Healthy & Delicious - Easy recipes that will make you look and feel great. I wrote a blog post on this book that you can check out here. Unfortunately I don't think the cookbook is being sold anymore. Mimi if you're reading this, so many people are still asking for your cookbook and recipes. I even had a few women asking me if they could buy my copy of your cookbook. Which is not gonna happen because I love it too much. Even though I made a few small changes I still hope you don't mind me sharing your recipe with my readers. Because frankly, these cookies are too good not to share. The cookies have a nice nutty flavour thanks to the almond flour and are super quick to make. These almond flour cookies gluten and dairy free and contain only a little bit of sugar.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Healthy Mar = Happy Mar
Yep you read that title right. Today marks my six month of eating almost no bread.
It was the end of summer last year when I finally made an effort to make a doctor's appointment. At the same time I promised myself that if this wouldn't lead to finding a solution to my health complaints I would call up a dietician. Luckily it never came to that thanks to a brilliant suggestion my doctor made: "Why don't you try cutting out bread for three weeks?"
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