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Six cold pressed raw fruit and vegetable juices by Naturalicious. 
Two weeks ago I visited the National Health Fair in Utrecht with my friend Dorien. It was a fun and interesting day full of health related presentations, tastings and demonstrations. We sneakily tried out all kinds of cookies and chocolates. Among all the food and drink stalls I noticed the brand Naturalicious. I have always been into smoothies and juices so I was drawn towards these colorful bottles of goodness. I decided to buy their deal of the day: six cold pressed raw fruit & vegetable juices for €10. And of course I am going to tell you all about my experience in this blog post!
So for the last six days I drank one juice per day. I did not have a specific goal in mind and I did not swap out any meals. The juices were healthy extra's filled with enzymes, minerals and vitamins. I was very curious about the different flavours and how they would make me feel. Supercharged?!

My facial expression does not equal how I really feel about this juice
I open the box and look at the six different juices. I don't know if there is a plan, a certain order I should stick to. That's why I take all of them out of the packaging and decide which one will be the one I bear the brunt with. I have to admit I am a bit skeptical about the flavours. At the National Health Fair I only tried three of the different tastes and it was only one small sip. Now here I am with 6x250 ml of pure cold pressed fruit & vegetable juice. I pick the one that listens to the name "The Clean". That sounds like a good one to begin with right? The Clean is one of the original flavours the company Naturalicious started with in the beginning. Its ingredients are: apple, beets (15%), carrot (14%), spinach (11%), celery (10%) and lemon. I wonder why the percentages of apple and lemon aren't specified on the bottle. Anyway it is rich in vitamin A which is incredible for your skin so I am gonna drink it no matter what. I unscrew the bottle cap and the first thing that goes straight up my nose is.... the strong smell of beets! It is predominant but not unpleasant. Okay, here goes my first sip. (I tell myself that if I don't like it, there is a vegan croquette waiting for me in the air fryer... sshhh don't tell anyone) GULP. Hmm. this is not my cup of tea. After a couple of sips I still feel like I am drinking mainly beets and there is something that reminds me of freshly plowed earth. Not a good association if you ask me. I drink it up as fast as I can. Where is my croquette?!

Acerola is a cherry-like fruit that provide more vitamin C than all other food sources!
Today is my first time as a wedding photographer! This a special day for a lot of people. I meticulously pack all my camera equipment and of course my juice... or not!? I forgot to bring my juice! Nothing to do about it now. Instead I have a big piece of bridal cake LOL! Once I get home my parents and I have lunch together. Afterwards I force myself to go to the fridge. After yesterdays experience I am not looking forward to having another juice. But Capricorn people are a determined people. Not giving up on this six day challenge. Fingers crossed this one is actually yummy. I pick a juice that says "Pearfection". It is made out of pear, apple and acerola. I have no idea what acerola is but I do remember the salesman telling me it has very high levels of Vitamin C *looking up acerola as we speak*. Wow! This juice tastes like apple juice on steroids. Packed with flavor! After drinking this I feel fabulous.

Berrylicious is my pick for today. Blueberry, strawberry, banana and raspberry all in one little cold pressed juice. That kinda sounds like a smoothie right!? I'm excited about this one. I open it up and drink it within a couple of minutes while scrolling through my Instagram feed in bed. The Berrylicious juice is really tasty! Maybe because there are only fruits and no veggies in it, haha. My favorite so far. I do wonder if maybe I should've used a straw drinking it because it contains so many fruit sugars. Not too good for your enamel. Too late now, I'll keep it in mind for next time. After this one I'm halfway through the supercharge. Do I feel different? Not sure. But the idea I'm putting all these vitamins in my body sure feels good.

Solero ice cream?
I can't help but still crave my go to oats bowl. (I posted the recipe a couple of days ago). I try to shut off the cravings and walk to the fridge to get my fourth juice: "Fountain of Youth". Sounds promising. It is a juice made out of carrot, mango, passion fruit and turmeric. I like the idea of this juice. It sounds very exotic and I hope it tastes like a Solero ice cream. Well let me immediately help you out of that dream... It tastes more like Olvarit baby porridge! After a few sips I start to enjoy it a bit more. It is not bad. I realize I don't even know why it says on the bottle these juices are cold pressed. I decide to look it up online. After a little bit of desk research I learn that heat can destroy vitamins and enzymes. Cold pressed juicers work at low speed and produce a lot less heat. This preserves the nutritional value and quality of the juices from fruits and vegetables. Good to know :-).

Green juice
I like gazpacho but this is something else. Honestly it is a bit too much for me. To me it seems like there is no fruit added to this juice at all. Not even a small piece. But the ingredients list tells me otherwise. "Spicy Greens" is nothing like the other cold pressed juices in this supercharge. I believe that this juice is very good for you because you drink up a lot of different vegetables. I still like my spinach and kale best in a good old hotchpot.

Save the best for last?
Last juice, last day. Save the best for last is invalid in this case. Another one with beets! HELP! But it's the last one and I'm gonna finish what I started. "Beet the Blues" is a fruit and vegetable juice made with banana, apple, beets, strawberry and raspberry. The strong smell of beets goes right up my nose again. But, I am happily surprised. This one is actually tasty. I guess it's because there are so many different (red) fruits. My boyfriend doesn't believe me so he decides to take a small sip. Ehm let's just say Daniel isn't a big fan...

All in all I would have to say that I really enjoyed the juices that contained mostly fruits. Beets are just not for me I'm afraid. And I have yet to make up my mind about the spicy savoury green juice. I also didn't really notice any difference in how I felt, for example if my energy level was higher than normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. I don't think I would buy the same box again but I would buy the fruit juices seperately because those are tasty, healthy and easy to bring with you when you have a busy day.

This post was not sponsored. I paid for the juices with my own money and I sincerely like to share my honest experiences in the hope that it can help you or someone else!

Have you tried cold pressed juices? What did you think of it. I would love to read your opinion in the comment section down below!



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