Sunday, April 13, 2014


Every season I love finding pieces that compliment my existing wardrobe while at the same time giving it a little update. Combining the old with the new is something that helps me create my personal style because I can mix and match my favorite jeans with a new top, therefore not buying a whole outfit following the latest fashion trends.
Even though I love new items, I don't wanna buy things that are only fun because they're new but bore me after a short period of time. I won't buy something that I like, I have to LOVE it!

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a really pretty skirt that I know I'm gonna wear loads. It's a super versatile skirt that has the right amount of 'basicness' to be more than just a skirt; it's a staple piece!

Today I'm showing my favorite spring fashion for April so far. I'm kinda bummed out having to admit I can't actually wear the skirt right now since Spring has left us for some reason and we've fallen back into fall-like weather.
You see this lovely pattern on brown faux leather? Bershka calls it an Elephant print. I'm kinda digging that.
The little bag goes with seriously everything. Because it's so small I don't wear it everyday to school. But it's perfect for when I'm going grocery shopping or visiting my grandmother.
Gorgeous flower scarf that I bought at SIX two years ago when baby blue wasn't so much of a trend. Flowers + baby blue + bright hues = 3 major trends for SS 2014. I call that killing three bird with one stone ;-). (would never kill a bird of course)
 Up close.
The bottom of the skirt is what spoke to me most when I picked this out at New Yorker. A very elegant, woven print.
Here I combined my skirt with a pastel colored top. Perfect with sandals or wedges!
My golden ring. It looks like three seperate rings but it's actually just one. This is not a ring I wear everyday but because of it's simplicity it goes with everything, even silver jewelry!

New Elephant print brown bag by Bershka (only €5 in sale!)
White faux leather skirt by New Yorker
Baby blue flower scarf by SIX
Light grey nail polish by Essence - Got a Secret (nr.56)
Golden ring from HEMA
Pink top from Primark

What are your spring essentials?

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