Thursday, December 05, 2013


Today I have a super quick DIY for you. It's perfect for these arctic winter months because you'll be able to be indoors and get creative without having to defy extremely cool temperatures. Or having to reheat your frostbitten hands...

So wheather you're having a day off and it's a bad time to go outdoors or you're looking for something to keep your hands fashionably warm... this DIY is for you!

Some inspiration:

Evelina Barry -
Tumblr -
Bărar Adriana Delia -

You'll need:

- a pair of gloves
- rhinestones, pearls, buttons, studs, spikes or even old jewelry!
- fabric glue

Before you start gluing away, decide what kind of look it is you're going for. The gloves I chose are a bright pink which is why I chose to use only small embellishments to complement the loud color.

Look on the internet for embellished gloves, diy mitten, or pimping your knitwear. This will help you to determine what kind of embellishments to use and where to place them.

Here's the stuff I used:

A pair of dark pink gloves. I got mine at Wibra for €3,99
Some gor-geous but way too heavy earrings.
These were a birthday present many years ago.
Fabric glue and a round nose plier + flat nose plier
These can be found at any craftstore but mine are from Xenos.

With my pliers I removed the pink flowers from the earrings. I placed them on the gloves and put a few beads next to them. I tried more beads at first but really liked how it looked with just two on each side.

I then took my fabric glue and put a tiny bit on the glove before placing the flowers and beads back on. I then let it dry for a couple of hours.



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