Monday, March 21, 2016


I know it's been suspiciously silent around my blog lately. To be precise, 30 days of silence. It had nothing to do with a lack of commitment to Truly Mar. To be honest, the last month wasn't a good month for me. At all. My last post was a happy recap of my days with Daniel in Brussels. But ever since I got a cold on my visit there, I had't been feeling quite so well. It turned out to be a bad flu followed by a persistent sinusitus. I felt weak, had no appetite, was feeling feverish and I had a constant headache that wasn't planning on going anywhere. All I wanted was to sleep.

But that wasn't all. I felt lonely and down even though my mother took care of me, Daniel called me daily and friends asked me how I was doing. I was lying in bed or on the couch doing nothing except cuddling with my cat every now and then. I didn't feel like photographing, I didn't feel like posting or even checking social media and opening up the laptop felt like climbing a huge mountain. I couldn't be tempted to start up Netflix. Even the wisdom quotes that you find on your tea bag in the morning failed to make me smile. What was wrong with me?

I think I know how to answer that question:
- I had no energy to pick up any sort of activity which got me bored
- I didn't go outside because I had no strength so I didn't exercise or catch any vitamin D from the sun
- I couldn't go anywhere so I was by myself most of the time which isn't good for a people person like me
- I had zero idea of time and couldn't sleep at night
- I had no appetite because I couldn't smell or taste anything and I didn't burn any calories which caused me to have little energy
As I'm writing this post, I actually feel a lot better. I don't think the sinusitus has completely vanished yet but I'm in a much better place mentally. I am so looking forward to next weekend because Daniel will be coming home. And realizing that Spring is finally here makes up for a lot.

So what are my plans for the coming weeks? I am currently working on my graduation research paper which is a big deal because if everything goes according to plan I will be graduating in July! I am putting together a work-out schedule starting when I'm feeling completely healthy again (probably next week). Also I'm thinking about photographing and writing more for Truly Mar because those things I really love to do.

Thank you for listening and see you soon,


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