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On this beautiful Sunday morning I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop and a cup of green tea by my side. Yesterday afternoon I took photos for this article and I'm finishing the accompanying text right now. This blog post is a little bit different than my usual food related pieces. Normally I write my own vegetarian recipes but today I share something that I feel is too good to keep to myself. It's not even a recipe but it's about something I know almost everyone enjoys. Let me give you a hint: it's brown, it's sweet and it's made from cocoa...
A perfect gift for your mom or one of your girlfriends
Chocolate! I came across a new product when I visited the National Health Fair in February. One of the first stalls I encountered was that of the brand Ridiculously Good. I really like what the founders of Ridiculously Good stand for: to let everyone enjoy a delicious chocolate snack, without having to feel guilty about it! How can anyone walk past a place where they hand out free chocolates? (the heart wants what it wants...) After just one bite, I was literally sold and I bought two boxes of chocolates to take home with me. Let's take a look at what I got...
Creamy Coconut and Rich Almond & Date chocolates
I love chocolate, cute packaging and supporting smaller brands. And I love it even more that this brand is founded by two Dutchies on a mission. I bought two different flavours: Creamy Coconut and Rich Almond & Date. For two rectangular boxes I paid €4,60. One box contains two big bonbon-like candybars. It is not a cheap product but I wanted to try and see if I thought it was worth paying for an organic and fair piece of chocolate, developed in the Netherlands.
The little rectangular box is too cute
The packaging is beautiful. The little cardboard box is printed with beautiful ornate letters and dreamy colors. This is what I want all gifts to look like. It is perfect to give to your mother, friend or special someone.
Ridiculously Good chocolates are made from cocoa beans from Ecuador that are burned at low temperatures keeping most of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Certified organic, 100% natural, free of refined sugar, gluten, lactose, aspartame, dyes, preservatives and other unnecessary additives. Sounds good right?! Another thing I'm happy to know is that these chocolates are produced and packed by a sheltered workshop in the Netherlands. This way a chocolate company is providing jobs for people.
Honestly such a tasty treat!
The taste is really good and distinct. The Creamy Coconut truly tastes like a better version of the well known Bounty. Rich Almond & Date has little pieces of both ingredients that give your bonbon a bit of crunch. I really enjoyed trying both flavours. As the Dutch say, like an angel pisses on your tongue ;-).
All in all, these delicious chocolates are a bit on the expensive side but by buying from this company you support a brand that wants what's best for the world and the people who live on it.

For more information you can go to their website


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