Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Cocktails for me represent tip-top times with my gal pals. Their colorful exteriors get us in a happy-go-lucky state of mind, regardless of what’s happening around us. Just one sip can bring back memories from the time you first drank it. And their dreamy names Brazilian Sunrise take us to far away places you never thought you'd go...
Mojito and Woo Woo
I truly value me-time but I am very much a social animal. Being around people just makes me happy. That's why I love getting together with my friends, ordering or making ourselves fancy drinks and choosing matching bites. Time totally flies! My favorite cocktails probably are Strawberry Cheesecake and Pornstar Martini. Should I post recipes of both?

Although I will travel to Greece by myself (me, myself and I) I expect no shortage of good conversations during my time there (to please the social animal in me). It's actually an easy recipe:

1. Order a nice refreshment #happyhour
2. Put away your phone (fine, after taking a photo for Instagram)
3. Find a comfortable chair
4. Be open-minded
5. Focus on the interactions you have with other people

Just like a fine cocktail, you don't need a lot of ingredients to create something beautiful...

What is your favorite cocktail?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


In my previous post I told you that I'm moving to Zakynthos in Greece to work there for the summer (you weren't dreaming when you read that!). But I didn't tell you exactly where it is that I'm moving... It's not a secret but I wanted to give you a little time to catch your breath from this shocking news ;-). So today I will give you some details about my home away from home.
A little boat bobbing on the Ionian waves
Zakynthos lies in the eastern part of the Ionian sea, around 20 km west of the Greek mainland. It is the third largest of the Ionian Islands, after Kefalonia and Corfu. If you're looking for a beautiful tranquil resort from where you can explore the rest of the island Zakynthos, the place where I'll be living is pretty much perfect for you. I speak from experience because I stayed here with my parents last year. Here you will find all that you wish for: a narrow beach where you can hire a boat and enjoy the sun, a boulevard with plenty of restaurants, supermarkets and rental shops; everything you need within walking distance. It's a friendly, small and quiet place by the seaside. I'm describing the village that is Agios Sostis.
Agios Sostis, Zakynthos, Greece

I included this map to give you an idea of where on Zakynthos I'll be staying. The capital is also called Zakynthos and is located on the east side of the island. Agios Sostis is only a 12 km ride away from Zakynthos town. The more touristy and popular town Laganas is nearby. You can easily walk or bike there as it is a 2 km distance. If you're interested to see more of the village Agios Sostis itself: this link will lead you to a video that gives an overview of what the surroundings look like. Of course you can also just keep an eye out for my blog posts the coming months. The airport is 9 km away from Agios Sostis. I bought an airplane ticket from Amsterdam Schiphol to Zakynthos but there is another way to get to the island. Multiple ferries go to and from Zakynthos. From the Greek mainland, from neighbouring island Kefalonia and from Italy as well. I chose the convenience of a plane because I'm bringing quite a lot of luggage with me (don't hold your breath)... but I think a ferry is also a fun way to travel through or to Greece.

On a side note: only 28 nights till the start of my journey!

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Today I want to tell you something special. It has been on my mind a lot lately but I kept quiet about it on my blog and social media handle because of two things: first of all I wanted to know for sure that this adventure was actually going to happen and second of all I wanted to take care of "the paperwork"* first.  Now that I've booked my flight, I want everyone to know...
Everything I need...
Can you believe it?! From mid-April till the end of summer I have a job on the Greek island Zakynthos. I visited this place in September last year as a graduation gift from my parents. In exactly one day and one month (I have a countdown app on my iPhone) it is time for me to hop on an airplane and revisit the beautiful island once again. This time not for a holiday but to immerge in the Greek culture and experience a whole different way of living. * I gave "the paperwork" quotation marks because basically all I had to do was arrange my voyage as I already have a valid passport and I don't need a work permit as I am an EU national from the Netherlands.

What kind of changes will you see here on Truly Mar? For the next couple of months you can expect to see different content here on my blog. The biggest one being that I'm going to use this platform as an online diary #travelblog to keep my family and friends up to date about my life in the sun. Next to that I want to explore my passion for photography and videography a lot more so stay tuned for some travel vlogs. Lastly you can expect to see Greek related content on my Instagram and other social media channels. I plan to capture every second of my time abroad.

I have always wanted to go abroad all by myself. Now I'm turning this fantasy into a reality. By sharing my journey I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams!
Zakynthos, Greece

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