Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hi my special friends!

I am sharing my latest vlog on here because I feel like the whole world should know, haha!
Daniel and I have been together for five years now, and on top it's my birthday the 27th. He therefor surprised me by taking me to a resort in the east of our country and we spend a short but great weekend in the hotel. I hope you like my vlog. Leave me a comment down below. I would love to hear your thoughts!



Monday, December 21, 2015


There is just something about New Year's resolutions that really speak to me. A new year, a new start. A promise to yourself to make your life a little better, in any way you like. It's not as if I don't challenge myself throughout the year but the first day of a new calendar year gives me the most energy to really kickstart my intentions. Goals that I set myself are not particularly original as a lot of people value these type of objectives. But I want to share my New Year's resolutions for twenty-sixteen with you nonetheless!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015



Thursday, December 10, 2015


This week I decorated two Christmas trees. One in our home and one at my university. There is just something about this tradition that makes me feel all warm inside. I love December! There is video footage of me enthusiastically singing along to an entire Christmas cd getting the lyrics completely wrong haha. But hey, A for effort!
Seeing that I love this month and especially the holidays I figured it would be a fiiine idea to do a Christmas tag on my blog. So I googled a little bit and found these questions over at Samantha Maria's channel so credits to her.
I hope you are just as excited as I am, let's dive into the questions!

The Christmas Tag

1. What's your favorite holiday movie? 
Woah, you know how to start this tag with a difficult question. There are so many...Love Actually, the Holiday, While you were sleeping...  I remember going to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas in cinema for my birthday party with a whole bunch of my friends in primary school. I'll probably pick the Grinch.

2. What's your favorite christmas color? 
Glitter. Oh wait, that's not really a color, is it. It would have to be gold!

3. Do you like to stay in your PJs or dress up for Christmas?
Dress up 100%. If there is one time in 365 days to dress up, it has to be Christmas right? But maybe on day two I would change into a more comfortable but still dressy outfit.

4. If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be? 
It would be for my brother. Mostly because he is just really sweet.

5. Do you open your present Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
Because we celebrate Sinterklaas on the fifth of December, we skipped presents at Christmas most years. Seeing that my birthday is on the 27th, affectionately called third Christmas day by me, we didn't always do presents with Christmas. But over the last years we started giving each other small gifts on Christmas morning.

6. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
No I haven't. But there is a funny story I would like to share. Last year, my sister-in-law got us a gingerbread house kit for Sinterklaas. She lives in London and traveled to the Netherlands by plane. At customs they picked her out of line and violently opened up the Christmas present because X-ray showed some suspicious white powder. LOL. So when we got our present it was all teared up and damaged. Shame on us but we still haven't made the gingerbread house. I'm definitely planning on doing it this year!

7. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
Read books, go on long walks, cook multiple course dinners, watch movies and spend a lot of time with my family. Basically all those things you wanna do every day but don't always have time for. 

8. Any Christmas wishes?
A white Christmas! And one day I want to have a huge Christmas tree in my house that touches the ceiling.

9. Favorite Christmas smell?
Pine scent. And oliebollen.

10. Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
I am a sucker for gourmet/raclette. Completely vegetarian of course. And maybe an apple crumble for dessert?

11. Which holiday do you celebrate?
In the December month I celebrate Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Years.

12. What are you doing for the holidays this year?
Christmas eve and Christmas day will be spend at my boyfriends house. Than on Boxing day we are at my family's and the day after is my birthday!

13. What's your favorite holiday drink?
Probably glühwein (mulled wine) and hot chocolate!

14. Candy cane or Gingerbread men?
Hmm... I would say oliebollen...

15. What's your favorite holiday/Christmas song?
When Lea Michele (Rachel Berry in Glee) sung Merry Christmas Darling by the Carpenters.

16. What's the weirdest gift you've ever received? 
Ehm. Maybe a Santa dress that is a little too short hahaha...

17. Have you ever made a snowman?
Of course I have. I used to make one every year with my best friend!

18. What is your favorite winter fragrance?
Any winter, holiday, Christmas candle!

19. What is at the top of your list this Christmas? (or whichever holiday you celebrate!)
Stella McCartney Falabella bag but it's a bit outrageous so I'll just keep on dreaming!

20. What is most important to you about the holidays?
Relax, enjoy the company and food, be thankful for everything you have. Enjoy the snugness of your home and laugh!

That is my Christmas tag this year! I hope you enjoyed it <3 have a wonderful December!

Monday, December 07, 2015


Today I would like to devote a post to the Pomodoro Technique that has helped me beat procrastination. For those of you who don't know what it is I'll briefly explain: The Pomodoro Technique is a time-management method that works with a timer. You work on a task for 25 minutes. When the timer goes off, you take a break for 5 minutes. Every 4 Pomodoro's you take a longer break for about 20-30 minutes. According to the website, the Pomodoro Technique is unique for the following 4 reasons:

Sunday, December 06, 2015


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