Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Happy birthday to me!
Last Sunday was my 24th birthday and I want to share a quick recap including birthday outfit with you! The 27th is the day after Christmas and I don't always feel like celebrating my birthday for some reason. But this year I was really looking forward to it and it became a great third Christmas day!
Make-up on point!

Lace Bomber Jack - New Yorker
Blouse - Mango
Pants - Clockhouse
Sneakers - Poelman
Ring - Ti SentoNecklace - Skagen
Beaded bracelets - MDS
Nail polish - No. 16 by HEMA and Kitch Me If You Can by Catrice
To be honest, I thought that not a whole lot of people were coming to my birthday seeing that it was the day after Christmas. Or at least, not a whole lot of people at the same time. But in reality all my friends and family came in the afternoon so our living room was pretty crowded and cozy. I loved seeing everyone and I really tried to make time to talk to everyone and showing my appreciation for their presence and present. I felt like a spoiled brat by the end of the day! In the evening we watched Love Actually and tried not to eat from the leftover snacks (I failed).

-Maylow the Bordercollie decided to stop by! (below you can see him being busy conquering my mothers heart)
-Being with my bestie and her sister <3
-Dinner in an intimate circle of good friends
-Having my boyfriend by my side the entire time <3
Thanks everyone for making this a memorable birthday! <3 LOVE, MAR

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  1. You look very happy Marjolein.
    And itwas lovely to see Laura, Evelyn and her boyfriend Bas.


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