Monday, September 28, 2015


Even though Truly Mar isn't a beauty blog I am going to devote todays post to one of my number one beauty products: Chanel CC Cream SPF 30/PA+++ in the shade 32 Beige Rosé. To me a CC cream acts as a fundament on which I draw my art. As long as this fundament is applied properly the foundation/basis is solid and long-lasting. Then the fun part can start! Do I want smokey eyes today? Or a bold lip? Having an even face, both in smoothness and color, will make it possible to do just about anything with the rest of your make-up because it will keep your face quiet and in the background so you can accentuate your favorite parts.

On Chanels website I found this beautiful piece of product advertisement:

The power of CC CREAM

The original Complete Correction by CHANEL reveals its new powers in the latest extra-powerful formula. Offer your skin 5 targeted actions for a natural result and a flawless complexion. Its concept: the combination of a highly protective and complete skincare product with perfectly natural makeup. Its texture: a non-oily moisturising cream in perfect affinity with the skin. (This text was accompanied with an artsy video which I suggest you check out for yourself.)

I have been using this product since January but I put it aside over the summer since I'm only using the minimum amount of make-up in the warmer months. I like to keep it light this time of year because it makes it easier to get a nice tan on my face and the CC cream doesn't match my face once it's become a darker hue. I've been using this product for a good half year. I think the product will last me at least another six months.

With fall approaching I start to look a little pale and I personally like to cover up those under eye circles that have returned from summer camp. What do I think of this product? I am going to tell you based on pictures. In the comparing photo below I'm not wearing any make-up besides eyebrow powder to show you exactly what this CC cream does for my face.

As you can see, on the left I have quite a lot of redness in my face, my skin is splotchy and the skin surrounding my eyes has a blue tinge. The picture on the right shows that all of the for said have minimized and that my skin is more smooth and healthy looking. It makes total sense that Chanel dominates the CC cream business. Think about it. The double C's? That's only been their signature since the Coco Chanel days!

This stuff works miracles for me. The thing that I like best is how it evens out my entire face. I only barely go over my forehead because I still want my freckles to show. Besides, f I put on too much it will look fake because the microscopic blonde facial hairs and freckles are more visible when the surplus CC cream attaches itself and forms a layer.

This CC cream is amazing if you have dry to normal skin like me and you want flawless complexion or if you want to look like a porcelain newborn. Instead of using a heavy foundation, opt for this nurturing CC cream with SPF. That way you're not only nourishing but also protecting your skin. I thought the price tag was it's only downside but when I did my purchase I got 20% off.

Chanel CC cream comes in 2 different shades to adapt to all skin tones. For more information visit the Chanel website.

Which are your favourite CC's or BB's?

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