Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We Dutchies all know the struggle. You just checked yourself out in the mirror. You were looking damn fiiiine, girl! Hair all done, the perfect winged eyeliner and you smell like your favorite YSL perfume. You've pulled the door shot and are all ready to jump on your bicycle when suddenly an ominous feeling comes over you...Winter is not here yet, you know that much. But the moment you stepped outside you knew something was different... The sun is shining but the air is chilly and the weather app on your smartphone tells you today it can get a little stormy. Then a realization comes over you. It has finally happened. Fall has arrived. 
Reluctant, because you don't want to admit summer is really over, you decide to brave the storm. On your way you can hardly see the cycle paths as they are covered with colorful autumn leaves. As you pass a couple of trees, overhanging spider webs find their way to your bare skin and as if by chance acorns somehow manage to fall right on your head. When you finally succeed  to arrive at your destination in one piece, you rush yourself to the nearest bathroom only to find out you look nothing like the person who left your house in good spirits about half an hour ago... No, you look like a snotty toddler who has used mom's beauty case and your eyes resemble those of a panda. Great! You recognize yourself in the above? Well let me tell you what I like about fall then. The endless and infinite array of scarfs, coats and boots to choose from. 
In this blog trilogy called Fall Fashion I'm going to share with you my favorite fashion numbers for fall. This week on the menu, womens all time favorite accessory; the scarf. I might also have included some tips on how to survive these turbulent, rainy journeys to school and work so keep on reading...
My best scarf picks for fall
 The first scarf that I'm loving at the moment is this bright cobalt blue scarf with a striped fabric pattern and a frayed edge. The scarf is very long which makes it easy to drape it around your neck and shoulders in different ways.
 This big scarf is a comfortable accessory for the cooler seasons. It is super soft and it matches literally every coat/jacket because it is a very earthy grey tint.
My tartan scarf! This is the only scarf with more than one color. Apparently I unconsciously have a vast preference for quiet, solid colored scarves. I usually tend to buy plain scarfs that stand out because of their structure but this one I bought because the black, white and red looks so cool paired with a leather jacket.
All scarfs are from C&A except for the tartan printed one, which is by the Six.

Mar's tip for this week: leave your house a little early and bring a little make-up bag with you. When you do your make-up at school or work, the weather conditions won't get the chance to ruin your carefully done make-up look!

Bonus video for all of you who read until the very end. A scene from one of my favorite comedies that happens to match todays blogpost perfectly!


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