Monday, January 27, 2014


Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. In the morning I woke up next to my boyfriend and he made me breakfast with pancakes and fresh fruit. 
I was completely stoked because one look through the window revealed that the first snowfall of this winter had arrived in our garden. Whoever said winter was coming was right! ;-)

But most of all, I was cheerful because I knew I was going to meet the one and only Evelina Barry!
I came across Evelina's youtube channels 2 years ago and I'm hooked ever since. The fashion blogger is original and her DIY's are to die for. She also has an awesome jewelry line: Mintbarry

Back to yesterday morning. We had left our car outside the night before so I had to scrape the icy snow from it. I made the first footprints in the pristine white snow and it was awesome to hear it making these squeaky sounds. When I got back in the house 15 minutes later, my cheeks were rosy and I felt myself warming up. 

Because I had a day trip to Amsterdam planned, I went to check the train schedule on any delays because of the snow but there weren't any. I packed my laptop and camera together with all my other stuff and we cycled to the train station. As some of you might know, my boyfriend is really sporty. If you're looking for him, your best chances of finding him lie in the gym. That's where he went after he dropped me off.
In the train I worked on a homework assignment on my laptop. After a couple of minutes I looked outside only to find out there was no snow in this part of the country. One hour later I had to switch trains and when I got outside it happened to be much warmer than where I came from. So I put my pink beanie and gloves in my backpack and hopped on the next train.
Upon my arrival in Amsterdam I rent a locker to put most of my belongings safely away. Because it was so busy at Damrak I took a little detour. Luckily it wasn't too cold and the sun even came out a couple of times.
I went shopping and bought these items at Bershka:

Black coated skinny jeans, a flowery top with lace shoulders and a striped crop top with long sleeves.
And I just had to buy these cute jewelry pieces at Six for only €1 per item:

At 2.45 pm I decided I had to hurry towards Dam Square because it was time for the event I had primarily come to Amsterdam for. Evelina Barry was here for Amsterdam Fashion Week and in one of her latest videos she had announced a meetup. I of course, as a big fan, had to be there!

At Dam Square a group of around a hundred girls and a few guys had gathered to meet Evelina. I immediately noticed we were wearing similar coats. And boy, was she cute. Evelina has honestly one of the cutest appearances I've ever encountered. It obviously has to do with her length: she is really petite. And she was wearing a super cute headband with cat ears.

But most of all, she hugged everyone and was sincerely kind to every single person. She greeted me with "Hi girl!" and gave me a warm hug. Then we talked for a little while. I had brought her a Dutch specialty: pepernoten. She told me she was afraid she would get fat if she ate them all and thanked me smiling. I don't think she will get fat any time soon though. Her husband Daniel was there too and he took photos of everyone.

She thanked me for my support and for coming to the meetup. I then of course wanted to take a photograph with her.

Don't mind my windswept hair. It was quite windy. Should've worn been wearing my beanie but hey, smart as I am I put it in the locker. Next up were two girls and a boy. The boy was super excited to see Evelina in real life. It was really endearing to see how many hearts Evelina has stolen :). After meeting Evelina I ordered a Caramel Hot Chocolate at Starbucks to honor Evelina's Fashion Café and then I went home.

I had a blast meeting Evelina. The pictures are a lovely memento to hugging a inspiring young woman that I've come to admire.

Check out Evelina's channels here and here.


  1. Klinkt als de dag van je leven! Wat ontzettend leuk dat ze een meet up regelde zeg, lief van haar! Mooi dingen heb je ook gekocht trouwens!



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    1. Toevallig genoeg sla ik net Bloggers & Boyfriends open uit Blogazine #2. En wie zie ik daar? ;-)

  2. Thanks voor je lieve berichtje Rowan, je woorden zijn echt spot on.
    Ik ga even een kijkje op jouw blog nemen! X

  3. Sounds like you had such a great day! So sweet of your boyfriend to make you breakfast! :)
    You looked fantastic and I love the jewelry you bought!


    1. Thanks for your sweet message Rebecca. I am looking at your blog as we speak! :)


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