Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The brand that in my eyes deserves to win the blogger brand of SS|2015 award: Aquazzura a.k.a. famous instagram shoe, a.k.a. shoegasm of every woman. Olivia Palermo, Sincerely Jules and The Material Girl posted tons of pictures sporting these beauties.
For me personally a pair of Aquazzura flats is way too expensive. One look at net-a-porter.com and I'm drooling and crying at the same time. I can't afford it and if I could... well that's a different story and for another time. But a girl can dream right? 
You can probably imagine my delight in finding not one but two dead ringers when I was shopping at Forever 21 with my mother last week. Yes that's right, my look-alike Aquazzura's are from Forever 21 and a real steal at only €22. Especially considering that I got these from my mother as a present. Thanks, mommie! They might not be an exact dupe or anything but to me these shoes are similar because they entail the same vibe the real Aquazurra's radiate: a mix of sexy lexy meets business woman.
With the same vampish cut-out details and pointed toe, I was sold rightaway. The only thing missing is the sultry lace-up closure. But let's pretend that part is hidden beneath the jeans leg! The low heel means I can wear it all day long without finding blisters on my toes at the end of the day. Bye bye plasters! The flats are made of faux suede and are embellished with gold-colored buckles, three on each shoe. The crisscrossing of the straps makes the resemblance with Aquazzura Christy flats. The metallic heel is the icing on the cake.
Ohh don't you just love them? I know I do!
 You can find this pair here and you can choose between black or burgundy. I tried on both colors but decided to go with black because they are more versatile what makes them more wearable and thus more value for money. But burgundy is totally hot this season so it's a good option too. In the Amsterdam store I saw another pair of flats that really resembles the Aquazzura Christy flats. Click here to view those online. But when trying it on, it didn't show any toe cleavage which is an absolute must for me. It was either no toe showing or no lace-up and I chose the latter. But this is a matter of personal taste which is why I'm leaving the links to both flats on my blog. The choice is yours. Tell me in the comments below what type of flats you cannot live without! 



  1. Very nice shoes from Amsterdam. The day we went by train to the IJhallen, to have a look at this very big flee market. After a view hours we took the boat back to Amsterdam CS and walked into the city and then we found this great pair of shoes :).

    1. Thanks mommie <3 it was a great day with you in Amsterdam. We should do it again some time! ♥


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