Sunday, September 27, 2015


Today I'm dedicating an article to fashion. I strongly believe an outfit can make or break the day for you because it can influence your self-assurance, the way you feel and your mood which will reflect on the outside. This outfit I wore to Marie Claire @ work on Friday & I wore it again on Saturday because I liked it so much. And all the other clothes I had at my disposal weren't good enough so I just went for it! As long as it is still clean and smells fresh, why not right?

The black leathery leggings are from Clockhouse, the white blouse is from New Look and the sweater is from ONLY. The blouse is a little on longer in the back which is perfect for wearing over leggings and jeggings because it covers just enough of your rear ;-). For jewelry I hang a delicate golden necklace around my neck and paired it with my favorite watch by Parfois. On the other arm I'm wearing an open pearl cuff bracelet and I have Essie on my nails in the color Fifth Avenue. I especially love all the little golden details in my accessories. My black ankle boots are from Rieker. Seriously the most comfortable pair of boots I own!

Wearing an outfit that makes me feel like a super woman definitely encourages me to show myself to the world and be proud of who I am. For example the event that I went to, or a presentation at school. If you wear something that you believe looks super cool on you, you will automatically act, a little bit more, like it.

The color and the way this top resembles a cable knit sweater is exactly what I like.This is definitely my new favorite knit for fall and I'm sure I'll get tons of wear out of it. Also, it's perfect for those colder days or chilly evenings when you want to throw something on top of the rest of your outfit because it is warm and easy to combine with other colors.

The black of the boots and pants creates great contrast with the lighter colors on top. And my hair color ties the whole look together.

I even wore it to the gym, casually thrown over my work-out clothes. Boyfriend is driving me around now instead of the other way around. In August he passed his driving test and I never get to drive the car anymore. That's how much he loves it! :-)

Let me know what you think of this outfit and I would love to hear what kind of items you are rocking this fall!


  1. I like your new outfit Marjolein

  2. Nice couple the two of youšŸ˜


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