Thursday, September 24, 2015


The other day I walked into a book store without anything specific in mind. At the cookbook department I always stop for a minute to admire the stylish book covers and read the titles. It surprised me how many books look-alike. There are so many similar books about healthy food that you might feel lost in this part of a book store. I bought myself a book that really stood out to me amongst all the others.
In Perfect Condition, written by 29-year-old Ellen Hoog. She is a Dutch female field hockey player and member of the Netherlands women's national field hockey team. A fit chick, you can imagine (and see below).

I was interested in finding her reason for writing this book and on YouTube I encountered an interview she had with Humberto Tan at RTL Late Night. Ellens words:
"My teammates always asked me questions about my strength training and healthy snacks. And on social media people were always asking me the same questions and more; if I could provide them with the recipe? I then decided I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone in the form of a personal book."

And personal it is. Ellen not only shares recipes and workouts, she also tells you about her youth, her family and the man in her life. Even though the book has been completely written in Dutch, the images and recipes are comprehensible for everyone, whatever language. I'm going to show you what it is that makes me like this book so much.

First of all, popcorn. I mean.. need I say more? Second of all, I am a very visually set person and if you are like me this book won't let you down. The photography is a feast for the eye. The photographs, shot by numerous photographers, are very attractive. As in, you need to keep yourself in check in order not to lick the recipes of the pages. The goodness!

The other thing that I really like has already been said, this book also gives you an idea of what the life of a top sporter is like. This personal touch lets you connect with the blue-eyed blonde and her lifestyle.

Another big plus is the fact that the recipes are simple and the necessary ingredients are easy to get your hands on. 80% of the recipes is vegetarian. The ones that contain fish or meat are easily adjustable to a completely vegetarian meal. This book is right up my street! Ellen has added a Culi tip or Sport tip to every recipe. These tips are about variety, how to make up a plate and which foodies are best before, during or after your work-out. 45 recipes + 6 work-outs = guarantee to make my smile!
And finally, getting fit with a famous hockey player as your personal coach, who wouldn't want that?! Ellen not only has an amazing body to aspire but she also knows exactly what to say at the right time. So motivating! I am going to use this book to get back on track with my fitness. The first lesson that I'm going to actively work on is 2x cardio and 2x strength training each week. I'll keep you posted!

You are stronger than you think you are, and so is your body.

In Perfect Condition is available through publisher Carrera, and in book stores for €19,99.

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