Tuesday, September 29, 2015


 Friday, Saturday and Sunday must be my favorite days of the week. I always get so much done, get to decide at what time I go to the gym, get out of bed or make lunch. The weekend is my happy place! I had a great weekend in which I did a lot of different things. Enough reason to go through my iPhone camera folder and share some of my favorite moments with you!

It started with a cat on my shoulders. This was actually Thursday evening. He always does that. But never on my shoulders. Guess I'm not muscular enough for his likings. Anyway, he seemed to be taking the "If it fits, I sits" thing pretty seriously here...
Friday morning I got up at 6 am to get ready for a fun and inspiring day in Amsterdam. It was the day of the Marie Claire@work lifestyle event.Selfie with Allysia on the Ferry to IJplein. Yay we are excited!
There was a photo booth from Dance4Life in collaboration with WE and Doutzen. We went inside and these four portfolio worthy pictures were spat out by the photo booth! Especially the wind effect was mighty hilarious.
Happy face in Jumbo Foodmarket. I had a freshly made sandwich with hummus and grilled veggies. This place is heaven on earth. We did get a little hysterical so if you want to keep a low profile or if you want people to take you seriously, you should not go here with them. There is a pizzeria, a bakery, an Asian wok palace and entire shelfs devoted to vegetarian food and hummus. Need I say more? 
Apparently I do yeah, Foooooood.
On the Floor in the Kromhouthal Marie Claire had a little surprise quote painted for us.
This next photo I found on Twitter when I was curious to find any proof that we were there other than six hundred selfies. When I stumbled upon this beauty of a picture I was laughing so hard. Of course, we are eating. And we look like twins. Just saying. This was not a fashion moment à la Mean Girls "On Wednesdays we wear pink!" It was entirely accidental. I wouldn't mind having her as my sister though.
It was past six when I finally hopped on a train. I figured since it was going to take at least two and a half hours to get home, I needed something to keep me busy. Other than the goodiebag. My answer: vegetarian sushi. I think I had to avoid about a thousand envious looks from other train passengers while devouring this delicious little meal.
On Saturday, we went to the gym. It was legday for me. Afterwards we made a detour especially so we could get the ingredients to make American mac and cheese #guiltypleasure.
Then we watched a couple of episodes from season 1 How to Get Away With Murder. Really liking this series!
Good morning, boyfriend <3.
On Sunday it was exactly one year since my parents-in-law, boyfriend and I got in the car to Kinderdijk to meet our dog Maylow for the first time. I always say our because even though he lives at their house, he really feels like my dog too. Happy 1 year anniversary, buddy! You can follow Maylows adventures on Instagram @maylowbc
In the late morning we had agreed to babysit another fluffy friend of ours so we went over to the house and... found apple pie and a clear blue sky!
 This is Freek. We've known each other for a couple of years now and he is still one of the coolest dogs I know. He has such good humor and is super energetic.
After our hike I went to shoot some photo's for my blog. Coming soon so stay tuned...
And when I found out I was having a good hair day, a selfie had to be taken!
On Monday morning by boyfriend drove me to the train station and I was on my way back home. I was trying to get my brain to work on a Monday morning. It was difficult. 


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