Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Two and a half weeks ago I celebrated my birthday with friends and family. In one of my previous posts I already told you that I got a special visit from Maylow the border collie! But he obviously didn't get to my house all by himself. He would have to go through three counties without navigation equipment. And while his nose is quite accurate, it seems like a difficult task for a dog. The real story is that Daniels parents brought him with them. Everybody loved his quirky behavior and high touchability factor. He really stole the show ;-). To my delight my mother-in-law handed me a small square package with a pretty bow on top. It was beautifully wrapped in a blue gift box which was almost as pretty as the content on the inside... (not really)
When I opened the box it contained a delicate silver necklace with a grey glass pendant. So beautiful! I love how the color of the glass shifts due to its transparency. One day it looks almost white and other times a deep dark grey. Another thing that I really like is how thin the necklace is. It looks very elegant. As you can tell, I quite love this present that I got and I have been wearing it everyday.
I have never had a piece of the brand Skagen before so I was curious to find out what they're all about. This is what I found on the website: The brand Skagen was founded in 1989 and celebrates Denmark and the seaside village of Skagen. Skagen products can be found in 80 countries worldwide and online at I haven't been able to not look at their entire collection which contains really beautiful jewelry for women and men.
 Up close. Do you see how it looks almost black now that there isn't much light shining through the stone? The official name of this necklace is Sea Glass Silver-Tone Crystal Necklace. It features a single frosted gem inspired by ocean-tumbled glass. It is set in gleaming silver-tone stainless steel and it hangs from a signature 42 cm Skagen stainless steel mesh chain.
I really love this necklace and I know I'll get tons of wear out of it because it simply goes with my entire wardrobe! But above all I can really appreciate a hand-picked piece that is exactly my taste. So parents-in-law, if you're reading this: thank you <3

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