Friday, January 15, 2016


Hey fashionistas,

Today I am showing you one of my outfits from the past week. I got a lot of compliments wearing this combination from friends in college and my mother. And while I initially thought it was one of the most simple outfits I could pick, I quickly changed my mind about that! I guess the simplicity is exactly the reason why people liked it. Less really is more. (Except when it comes to chocolate and sleep) Next to its simplicity, this outfit includes another golden rule. The famous color combo black and white. Which is just as classic as it is modern.
The items
I paired four clothing items that I've had in my closet for a very long time but are everyday items that probably everyone has in her or his wardrobe:
- a light blue distressed boyfriend jeans from H&M
- a white a white blouse from Primark
- a black blazer from Villa
- a pair of black leather boots

The magic of black and white
So I decided to do a little research on  because all I could think of was that black and white are opposites and they are neutrals.
   Matilda Kahl from Harpers Bazaar decided to wear the same outfit to work every day because she didn't only want to feel great about her outfit, she also loves not having to think about what to wear to work every single morning. Her work wardrobe: 15 silk white shirts and a few black trousers.
   Francesca Burns, contributing fashion editor at Vogue said the following about autumn/winter 15/16 fashion trends: 
"Sliced, angular and precisely applied, designers used black and white in a beautifully graphic way"
   Karl Lagerfeld chooses to wear nothing but black and white and I love him for that! (for n00bs: he's a German fashion designer, artist, and photographer) 
I'm guessing we should just simply accept the fact that black and white was, is and always will be a golden fashion ticket! 
Because it's Winter and cold, I decided to opt for black boots with a chunky heel instead of white low Converse which I think look great with this outfit but are more appropriate and comfortable for Spring. Also these boots make your legs look great in boyfriend jeans because they lift your legs and bum!
Let me know what you think of this look and if you would wear this or a similar outfit!
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