Monday, December 21, 2015


There is just something about New Year's resolutions that really speak to me. A new year, a new start. A promise to yourself to make your life a little better, in any way you like. It's not as if I don't challenge myself throughout the year but the first day of a new calendar year gives me the most energy to really kickstart my intentions. Goals that I set myself are not particularly original as a lot of people value these type of objectives. But I want to share my New Year's resolutions for twenty-sixteen with you nonetheless!
#1 Graduate 
I don't care how much blood, sweat and tears it will take but I am going to graduate from Saxion's Academy of Creative Technology. I started my studies Human Information Design & Strategy in September 2012 and I plan to graduate in July 2016.

#2 Fit
I work on my fitness every year but this year I have some more concrete goals for my body. I am going to focus on losing 5Kgs and getting strong and lean legs.

#3 Travel
It is going to be very hard to top the year of 2015 when it comes to travel. I visited Barcelona, New York, Malta and London and I did some daytrips to city's in the Netherlands and Germany. However I don't think it is about the number per sé. What matters is what you experience during your getaways. The people you meet, the moments of laughter and accomplishments. For 2016 all I know is that I would love to explore Croatia by car for a little longer than my usual vacations.

#4 Job
After graduation I will start looking for a nice job. Right now I have no idea what exactly I'm gonna be doing in a year and it really excites me!

#5 Apartment
Soo... 2016 will hopefully be the year in which Daniel and I move in together. I honestly cannot wait for that! We have been together for about five years now and I feel like it's time. We will both have our diploma and together we can conquer the world!

#6 Truly Mar
I want to grow my blog by writing articles on a daily basis and improve my photography and design skills. I have started vlogging a bit and I want to kick it up a notch!!

What are your 2016 New Years Resolutions? I would love to know! Happy Holidays <3

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