Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Do you ever feel like the summer vacation you booked is months away? Then all of a sudden you're leaving within 10 days!? That's me right now. And I am stoked, Together with my boyfriend I will be exploring the archipelago of Malta. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has two smaller siblings, the islands Gozo and Comino. I am looking forward to walking around the historic sites in admiration and visit beautiful churches in the capital city Valetta. But most of all, I find joy in the prospect of making new memories with my favorite human on earth.

I know that the fear of the unknown is what makes traveling so exciting but informing yourself will add to the mysteries hiding in a foreign city all the more. Doing a little homework before you leave will make you understand your destination. And personally I am convinced it will only improve your trip if you do. So read your copy of the Lonely Planet before you hop on that plane! I know I will. We even made a personalized map of Malta with Google's MyMaps.

You can follow my adventures in Malta with the hashtag #marmalta

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