Saturday, November 07, 2015


Exactly one week ago, my best friend Evelyn came to visit me and we decided to go to the forest because the weather was so beautiful and we had a lot of catching up to do. We took a bunch of nature pictures and of course: us in it! It was a super busy weekend day, lots of families gathered to find beauty and peace in the woods. Thanks to my telelens, it almost seemed we were doing a fall fashion shoot. At least that's what we think people thought, haha.  Because we had such a lovely day, I wanted to share these moments of friendship and fall with you. If you can, call up your friend to go to the nearest park or forest while the leaves are still gorgeously colored! Celebrate friendship!
I always get a little sad when I find mushrooms upside down! But this family here seemed pretty healthy!
Bunny girl, haha!

 I'm just going to admit it. I might be a tiny little bit addicted to my phone! Can't wait for my new iPhone in February, the photo quality will be so much better. My favorite feature is and always will be the camera!
  #nofilter, seriously you guys! How beautiful is this!? Also cool balancing skills shown by Evelyn.
 Beautiful bestie <3. This was my idea of a fun photo. Worked out pretty well huh!?
 Okay this picture is so cool. It is one of my favorites! The white sky created a beautiful contrast with the fall leaves.
 Trying to figure out the right camera settings!
 Who is taking pictures with the iPhone again? It's me! Haha, happy my good friends don't find it annoying.
Happy snappy :)
What is your favorite way to spend a weekend day in fall?

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