Friday, October 09, 2015


Bonjour! Tomorrow I am headed to Amsterdam with my lovely ladyfriend Allysia from Ruffle Up. Why? Well let me tell you! NSMBL Festival 2015 ‘Une Fête Parisienne‘ is in full swing this weekend. October 10 and 11 a little piece of Paris can be found in our capital city. Parisian fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle. In other words, this girls dream come true! And totally fitting to my blog. Be sure to follow me and I will tell you everything about my adventures at this event next week. Today I'm sharing one of my favorite hairstyles to get my hair out of my face. It is kinda Parisian chic. I wear my hair the same way almost every day. Boring. I wake up, I brush my hair and I wear it loosely over my shoulders, wavy, curled or straight. But every now and then, wearing your hair out of your face is required. For when you're cooking and you don't want to end up finding a hair in your soup, or whenever someone at work wants you to wear your hair up for a more sophisticated and formal look. This ponytail is nothing new. It's just a golden oldie with a pretty twist!
What I love about this look is that it is not only super comfortable (because the hair tie doesn't pull your hair too tight) but pretty and different too. I really like it and I'm sure Blair Waldorf would approve too! Here is a step-by-step guide so you can recreate this look for yourself. It's super easy. I'm no hair stylist. If I can do it, so can you!
 Step 1. Brush out your hair and put it over your shoulders. I prefer to have wavy or curled hair for this look as straight hair can be too smooth for this hairstyle to last a long time.
 Step 2. Pull your hair evenly together to the lower back of your head.
 Step 3. Get an elastic and put your hair in a ponytail the way you normally would.
 Step 4. With your fingers form a small opening just above the elastic. Don't make it too big. Twist your hair upwards and pull it through the loop. The opening shouldn't be too big as you want the hair to stay put.
 Step 5. Gently pull your ponytail downwards until it feels nice and secure. Add a bit of hair spray for extra hold and put on a headband or French beret if you wanna feel like a true Parisienne!
Ta-da! Now you have your own pretty preppy polished pull-through ponytail (try saying that three times in a row)! Hope you like it and be sure to send me a photo when you recreate it. I would really enjoy to see!


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