Sunday, October 11, 2015


Une tenue Parisienne. Pardon my French ;-). But it is precisely what I'm showing you today: the outfit I chose to wear to NSMBL Une Fête Parisienne festival 2015. First things first, let me just say how much fun we had yesterday! I will definitely be uploading some more photos of the event itself this week. So stay tuned for that. 
Today I'm taking you with me on a journey of a French Dutch girl at the beginning of an alley leading to a beautiful manor house and its surrounding gardens.
I'm wearing a faux suede skirt and cream colored blouse from H&M. I wanted to wear polkadot tights to give the outfit more of a French feel. My Rieker black ankle boots were an easy choice because they are so comfy and go well with the rest of the look. My nude colored bag is from Accessorize and  even though it is small, it has multiple compartments so I can take everything that I need with me (not taking into account several purchased items and product filled goodiebag). I topped off the outfit with a white fur collar which is a fake, obviously. The combination of color and fabric makes me feel so chic!
 I love little black polkadots. So playful! Of course I had a ladder in mine at the end of the day. I felt it creeping up along my leg like an insect, ew! So the one displayed in the pictures is in the bin now. It was good knowing you for this one day, ephemera!
A closer look at the details. Pink nailpolish for the win! I also found out something about myself. I almost never wear golden jewelry except for this white watch which has some golden detailing. Usually I go for silver jewelry because it looks better on my skin. Do you have a preference?
Even thought the sun is shining in these photos it was a pretty chilly day. I put on a black beret to protect myself from the cold. And berets are typically French, right? Win-win! So the fun thing is that I actually got my father to show me the right way to rock a beret. He knows this from his time in the army where he had to wear a bordeaux beret all the time. Who knew you could get some serious well-grounded fashion advice from your good old man? :-)
Ps. the photographer of these pictures was my mom (merci beaucoup!). She did such a good job don't you agree?
What did you wear this weekend? Une très belle soirée!

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