Thursday, November 21, 2013


Today I’m sharing with you my PhotoBox adventure. Every year I take around a thousand vacation photo’s. Most of them end up on my laptop and a flash drive. A small bunch manages to get through the selection rounds and gets posted on my Facebook page. Then, nothing for a few months. I occasionally look at them but most of the pictures will soon be forgotten. This was more than enough reason for me to actually do something with my tangible memories. So I decided to make an A4 Portrait photo book with PhotoBox.

I had never heard of PhotoBox before I started an online search to find a company that would offer affordable photo books in A4 size. Preferably with a hard cover and numerous options to satisfy my creative side. Especially important to me was the possibility to choose one of my most precious photo’s as a front and back cover. Some companies offer this, but they will charge an extra fee. PhotoBox was able to offer me all this so I signed up and started working on my photo book right away!

This is what the online photo book space looks like! You can alter almost anything! Font, background, shape, size and place of pictures. You can turn your pictures into backgrounds or choose a pattern and color. You can also insert cliparts if you'd like.

Fun fact: my dad ordered a photo album around the same time as I did. So when we heard a loud bang on our doormat we sprinted to the front door only to find it was his photo album that had arrived first! Argh…

I placed the order on the fifth of November and my photo book came in 7 days later. I was so psyched!

Here are some pictures I took when I finally got to hold my dear photo book.

I am very happy with the results! Paper quality is superb and the overall look of the photo book is chic and professional. I love how the first page is all black. Love the fashionable vibe it gives this photo book!
I realize there are many different websites and software to download for making a photo book or album. The reason why I chose PhotoBox was their great offer at that moment for hard cover A4 photo books. I got 90% off which made the total cost: €9,39. (instead of €33,95 exclusive shipping)
PhotoBox has amazing offers all the time so be sure to check out their website if you’re planning on making a photo product as well. Other possibilities are: canvases, calendars and even cases for phones and tablets. Yay! 

Let me know in the comments below what you think of my photo book and if you ever made one online!


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