Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Today I'm sharing with you my favorite place of the house. I'm referring to my bed!(I realize how lazy this must sound to you)
I spend a lot of time in and on my bed. I feel great when I grant myself enough sleep; more energy and ready to take on every single day. And I just love sleeping in, having breakfast in bed and reading up on my favorite blogs while still in my PJ's.
My bed takes up a pretty big part of my bedroom but I don't mind because it serves not only as my sleeping place but also as the place where I watch movies, work on my blog and even do my homework sometimes. In fact, I'm sitting on my bed, leaning against a few bulky pillows right now.
Fun fact: I cannot focus on my homework unless my room is all tidy. So I always make sure to clear away anything that might distract me from my work. When my bed is nicely made, my room looks more organized too.
A couple of weeks back, before I started the 100 Things Challenge, I got myself new bed linen from Primark. It was the first time I ever bought something from Primark's Home Collection. I got two single bed sets instead of a larger one because I have two blankets. Why? Just look at the image below. It's pretty self-explanatory.
My boyfriend and I never have to argue about the blankets because we each have our own!
The single bed cover sets cost €11 each and include a sheet for your pillow. Very reasonable pricing I think. Primark was selling tons of fun bed sheets. The one I fell for, was on display. They combined it with a minty throw and a few cushions. I decided to take one of the cushions home with me for €4.
Even though I love the little cushion, it isn't my favorite accessory!
My favorite accessory is Rakker, my cat and one of my best friends. He thinks my bed is the most comfortable bed in the whole world!
Doesn't he look fabulous with his dark pelt against the light colors of my bed? 
 These two throws are from IKEA. The old pink bed spread goes really well with the flowers on the bed linen and with Rakkers tiny paws.

OH, how I love breakfast in bed. Are you crazy about it too? Or do you prefer to get out of bed the minute you wake up?


  1. Hele leuke foto's, mooie kleuren bij elkaar!

  2. Super leuke foto's! mooie stijl zo :)
    En een beetje in bed liggen scrollen en blogs lezen ís toch ook heerlijk ;)

    1. Merci Monique :) wat een prachtige website heb je met even zo mooie spullen!


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