Friday, July 17, 2015


Every once in a while you stumble upon an item that fits like a glove. I found this gorgeous black and white leopard printed dress. It's perfect for this summer. The fabric is super airy so you don't feel hot at all even though most of your body is covered.
I really like how the amount of fabric on the bottom is leveled out by the shoulder straps and the low cut neckline. It's sexy in a sophisticated way.
I usually wear size small or 36/38 but this dress I bought one size bigger. I'm wearing a medium. I wanna point out that it really doesn't matter what size you wear. You should go with the one that fits your body best. Not every brand out there keeps the same measurements and the fit can be especially different from one brand to another. Plus, nobody is gonna know or care if you wear 40 or 42. They will however notice if the clothes you wear are too tight.
I already picture myself strolling around in Valetta wearing this dress. Can't wait to pack my suitcase this August and explore Malta! Where are you going this summer and what items will be your travel buddies?


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