Sunday, August 16, 2015


 Mango clutch, Chanel CC cream, my L'Oreal Paris nude lipstick by Julianne Moore.

It's funny that I'm writing about small purses today. I'm usually all about bringing a large bag in which I carry my whole life with me. But there are a lot of occasions when a smaller purse is a better partner. For example when you go post a letter, go get an icecream with your friend or go by your grandma for tea and a cookie. I'm showing you my favorite little bags that I use every week. My current repeat offenders are by Mango, Atmosphere, Accessorize and Pieces. Two of the bags are officially my moms but I use them just as often as her! I love simple, elegant designs. But there is one bag, you'll see which one, that isn't that simple at all. But elegant all the more. 
Atmosphere purse, Canon camera and Ted Baker notebook.
Can you believe I found this treasure at Primark for €7. I especially like the complicated design. The beads stay on perfectly too!
 My favorite nailpolish by Rita Ora. It listens to the name Go Wild-Er-Ness. And some chewing gum.
This minty bag is great for the summer. The color just makes me wanna go get cotton candy and ride the Ferris wheel all night!
 Lipstick Dive by Mac. I did a whole article on this lipstick. And you can't go wrong with a bright orange wallet by Pauls Boutique. This camouflage purse is by Pieces and you can fit a lot more in there than you might think. I call it my Hermione bag as I am able to pack all the supplies that I could ever need!
 This simple grey design is perfect for everyday wear.  And my lifelong friend the iPod nano. Listening to Kina Grannis here.
Thanks for borrowing this one mom! Do you spot the scrunchy? So fancy! Oh and my favorite perfume by Chanel.

Which items do you always carry with you?

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