Sunday, November 08, 2015


 Everyone needs a little black bag. Preferably a crossbody one. And if possible, one that makes it easy for you to detach the strap. Another thing that I look for in a bag, are multiple compartments and at least as many zippers to take with me as much as I can. Something I'm also conscious of is the material an item is made out of. Leather-free, please! I probably sound like a PETA girl now, but whatever. What if I told you, I found the perfect crossbody, faux leather black bag with five compartments and adjustable/removable shoulder strap?
 Let me present to you, my new favorite bag. And he's on sale now! Read until the end of the article to find out all the details on where to get it.
There are many zippers that lead to five seperate sections. It may look small, but when you're busy putting all your essentials in there it seems as if Hermione Granger herself used the Undetectable Extension Charm on it! A bag that knows how many sh*t girls bring with them! Hand cream, tissues, nail file... all just in case! Perfectly normal behavior.
 Beautiful golden details. On bags, I would pick gold over silver anytime! What about you? With jewelry it is the other way around even though I really like delicate golden necklaces.

Little Black Bag by Liv|Collection  €34,99 €19,00 via V&D- link

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