Thursday, June 09, 2016


OMG yess finally! I have received my dream sandals! You're probably sick of me talking on and on about pompom sandals by now. First I talked about how I wanted them. Then I told you guys I thought they weren't gonna be of any use in the Dutch weather climate. And now I'm telling you that I found the perfect pair, purchased them and haven't taken them off ever since!
Put on your best summer outfit and rock these sandals! I paired them with my favorite yellow dress. I love how the dress is completely uniform in color. The colorful pompom sandals create a nice contrast. Oh I am in love! These gorgeous sandals are by the brand Gioseppo. I got them online through
Unfortunately they are kind of really out of stock right now. I had the same problem when I first saw them. Which is why I subscribed so they could send me an e-mail when they had restocked. The beads, the pompoms, the perfect fit! What's not to love? Oh and they cost about €50 so that's not too bad either :-)


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