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Are you going on holiday soon? Or did you just get back? Start planning a new trip just so you can look forward to exploring a new place! But first continue reading down below as I am telling you my top 10 of favorite activities Daniel and I did on our Croatia holiday! The examples I'm giving in this post can be easily adjusted to your dream destination so keep on reading even when you're headed somewhere else!

In the first installment of my travel guide, which went up last week, I talked to you about places to stay in Croatia. We decided to do both rooms/zimmers, hotels and campsites to keep everything really affordable but there is plenty of choice if you’re looking for hotels as well. So go check that out if you haven't already!

Today I'm posting part two - what to do in Croatia?! I will share my 10 favorite activities with tips and tricks so you can do activities you will never forget!

1 - Jump in a mountain river
Forget about swimming pools and the Adriatic for a second. Ice cold mountain rivers are the next best thing. The water is incredibly clear and totally refreshing. And unlike sea water, this clean water won't make you feel sticky once you've dried up. Funny story: Daniel and I left our swim shorts and bikini in the car on our walk through Paklenica National Park. So when we bumped into this beautiful swimming spot he gave me his tanktop that fits me like a mini dress and I swam in it :-).

2 - Go up high
To find the best view in the area you sometimes need to challenge yourself. At times this acquires going high up on a mountain to find that one perfect panorama view. Or it could be that you take an amazing detour that will take you up steep and breathtaking roads. On our second to last day we decided to take the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße: a high alpine road that takes you high up and close to highest mountain of Austria!
3 - Cross boundaries
Literally and figuratively speaking! When in Croatia we crossed borders with Bosnia Hercegovina and Montenegro. This added a whole new experience to our trip. And personal boundary because we took two Polish hitchhikers in our car which is something I had personally never done before. Our day trips to these two countries were really spontaneous and we didn't put a lot of thought in it. Just do it! Sometimes, that's exactly where the magic happens!

4 - Award yourself with amazing local food
As many of you know, Daniel and I are both vegetarians. We have been since we were around 10 years old. Sometimes it is quite hard to find good vegetarian food. And even though we love pizza and pasta, at times you just want a different type of meal. The photo down below was taken one hot afternoon in Split. We made reservations at this restaurant called Galerija Food. I absolutely recommend this lovely restaurant if you're vegetarian or vegan.
5 - Take a bus or rent a car
I prefer to have my own transport so I am free to decide when I want to go where and how much time I want to spend in a certain place. If you're not in the position to rent a car for whatever reason, try to go over the possibilities of taking a bus or taxi. In the Netherlands taking the bus is very affordable but calling a cab not so much. However whenever I'm abroad I find that cabs are way better priced. But always agree about the price in advance so you don't feel scammed. You can discover way more than by foot and do day trips from your hotel or campsite.

6 - Be an early bird
Rise and shine ladies! To visit Plitvicke Jezera for example. This is one thing you cannot miss out on when you're in the area. But be warned, in the warmer months this is only fun when you wake up early. Another reason to rise and shine before everyone else is that you can go and watch the sunrise (or sunset). This I haven't done in Croatia but I plan on doing so on my next holiday!

7 - Go off the beaten track
I never would've taken this photo if I didn't go against the dead end road sign. And that would've been a shame as there are two kitties pictured in it. Of course you should always follow the advice of the country you're in and don't overstep any boundaries but it doesn't hurt to look left when everyone is going right. Go against the flow and enjoy finding yourself alone in a street only fifty meters away from the big tourist crowds.

8 - Have a little faith
Travelling abroad can be an overwhelming experience. You don't know the people, you don't know the language, you don't know the roads. But as long as you keep a clear mind and have a little faith that everything will work out, you will find that it's much easier to relax on your holiday and enjoy everything around you. The photo below was taken on our last night, in South-Germany. It was pitch black at the campsite so I placed my camera on the roof of the car without checking the settings and set it to 10 seconds self-timer. The photo turned out pretty amazing, huh?

9 - Plan but don't overplan
It is nice to have some sort of idea to what you want to see but Croatia will surprise you so don't plan all your days ahead. How do I describe Croatia? Dan and I were trying to come up with a whole and worthy answer to this question on our way back home. The main thing that we both felt was remarkable about our Croatia holiday was the incredibly diverse nature our eyes had beheld. In a one or two hour car drive we saw mountains, waterfalls, lakes, sea, dry lands, green lands, national parks, gorges, rivers, pebble stone and sandy beaches. Day and night, sun and moon, drought and water in the same country. Plus the climate was very enjoyable and activities and food affordable. Combine these factors and I believe you’re looking at a very likeable destination.This diversity also showed through in the cities and villages we stayed in. You can spend your holiday in Croatia any way you’d like.

10 - Know where you are
Needless to say I don't mean just topographically. Before you go, look up the exact location and its neighboring countries and islands.  Really try to grasp what the holiday destination has been through over the years. My always well-informed boyfriend made the trip to Croatia much more meaningful by telling me about the history of the region and in particular the breakup of Yugoslavia which happened in the early 90s. Which is totally crazy as I have only been on this planet for 24 years and all of it happened around the year I was born.That means that everything that happened is still fresh in the memory of the people. Daniel and I could clearly tell that different rulers left their mark in cities up and down the Croatian coastline.
I can't wait to explore more of Croatia some other time! What is your favorite activity when abroad? How do you make your holiday experience better? Share it in the comments down below!


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