Thursday, October 27, 2016


Yesterday evening I did something I wanted to for quite some time. I made a video!

Basically what I did was the following: I edited a video from shots I took half a year ago.... #shameonme, then I uploaded it on YouTube and shared links to it on Instagram and Twitter so all my friends and family (and Maylows followers) could see it. I absolutely love photography but videography is also something I have the hots for, haha. You can imagine how much I enjoyed producing this short movie starring Maylow, the best dog in the world! A little about him: Maylow is a four-year-old Border Collie living with my boyfriend and his family. He's the best friend you could wish for! Hope you enjoy watching! And did you know you can follow Maylow on Instagram and Twitter too?
Click here if you cannot watch the video!

I would like to do more with video, editing and YouTube because I absolutely enjoy doing those things. Next to that, I think it's important to always keep learning and growing and sometimes you can be your own teacher :-). 
What kind of videos would you like to see on my blog or YouTube channel? Let me know!

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