Wednesday, February 03, 2016


I know I already have a blogpost on my favorite black bag. But you gotta understand this is my NEW favorite black bag. And it totally looks like it could be one of Stella McCartney it-bag designs. Good reason for this post, right?! ;) Wait until you hear how little I paid for this black beauty!
So I went into town the other week and I was about to pay for a white coat (will be up soon!) when something inside me told me to take a quick look at the accessories section which is situated downstairs at the mens department. And there it was. Almost as if it was waiting for me, the last of its kind. My new black bag. To me it very much resembles Stella McCartney's iconic Falabella range of bags. Absolutely loving its chain trim (Stella McCartney sprinkles with chains like I do with maple syrup over my granola) and the fabric looks but doesn't feel like faux suede. Edgy meets elegance!
I first saw the Falabella bags on Stella's instagram and later on over at Mimi Ikonns account who loves supporting Stella because the brand is cruelty-free (bonus points!) Completely fell in love until I saw the prices at which these bags are sold at. I cannot afford that amount of money at this point in my life, I am a student after all, and I am still in doubt if I would ever pay this much for a bag but I just might. Someday...
I'm not a big fan of copying but taking inspiration from high-end fashion designers is definitely something I would encourage! I want to stress that this is a look-alike in my eyes and definitely not a dupe. And I'm also not a big fan of dupes but look-alikes often take inspiration from the real deal without plain copying. I think the bag I bought looks most like a mix between the Falabella Purse and Shaggy Deer Crossbody Bag. I plan on wearing this a lot. It's also the perfect way to decide if you're really sure about splurging on that designer bag you've been eyeing: first try a more affordable but similar bag.

Black bag by NewYorker| €16,95 €9,95 via New Yorker (can you believe it?!)


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