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Even though I write about my favorite subjects: fashion, photography, beauty, social media, delicious vegetarian recipes, interior design, events and travel, it can sometimes be a bit editorial without really hitting a personal note. I know that might sound strange but I feel like there is a time and place for skin-deep posts and a time and place for items that even though it might be brief, actually touch your heart. I think it is all about exploring and sensing which parts of your life you choose to share and when. Although Truly Mar is my own little mini-state within internet world, I do like to provide some sort of utility which can take shape in humor, help or inspiration.
On that note, a somewhat personal article for you today. I have been together with Daniel for exactly five years this month. I can only imagine the cheesy quotes you have read over the years about romance. So, I will keep this simple and sweet: we are still super happy in love! We always try to do fun activities and try crazy things but at the same time we like to pretend we're normal human beings so we also just walk the dog and watch series together. Luckily for us, we absolutely enjoy doing that. It would've been fun if we had made a list from the start with everything that we've watched together on it. I know it would probably have been a lifesize list with hundreds of movies and dozens of shows on it. In other words, too long a list for any clear thinking person to even attempt! But the two of us can't get enough of our own snug movie days nights. and I know for a fact that many more minutes, hours and days will follow doing just that.

I don't wanna bore you by giving you names of series that have been ruminated (like cows and goats do) by the admass. No I wanna tell you 5 little secrets about lost or hidden tv treasures... Are you ready?

1| How to Get Away With Murder
This modern whodunnit will leave you with trust issues.
Fun fact: Viola Davis won an Emmy, check out her amazing speech on YouTube.
Key words: Involved, fast, intriguing

2| Nikita
Even though she is a hot, hardcore, badass super chick, Nikita is great to watch for both women and men. The characters are well though-out. I love this show!
Key words: Exciting, humorous, flirtatious
Fun fact: Maggie Q once tweeted:

3| The Vampire Diaries
Hot teenage werewolves, vampires and what more. You'll see a lot of love triangles.
Key words: Dark, sexy, mysterious
Fun fact: Leading lady Nina Dobrev left the series this year.

4| Arrow
I feel like this image says it all... No I'm kidding. Arrow is about way more than just a strong man with a bare chest. All the characters are unique and really well cast.
Key words: Superheroes, something else and meta-humans
Fun fact: Some people say I look like Felicity Smoak (intellectual badass on the show) with my glasses on...

5| Better Call Saul
Saul Goodman knows how to carry this show all by himself!
Key words: Bluff, lawyer, crime
Fun Fact: Better Call Saul is a prequel that carries on quite a few traditions from its Breaking Bad predecessor

These were my favorite tv series over the last couple of years. One thing they all got in common is strong female characters. Could it be coincidence? Guess not. Let me know in the comments below your favorites and why! I'm always on the look-out for new tv series. One last tip before I end this post, don't forget there is a whole real world out there that can teach you more than your telly does! So what are you waiting for? Crawl under a big warm blanket with your love and watch series together <3


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