Saturday, October 10, 2015


Some of you may have already spotted this new acquisition of mine in yesterdays post. My mom and I were at the local thrift store handing in clothes, books and bags that we no longer used. The moment we went back to the car to go home she asked me: do you want to take a look inside the store? So we parked the car and walked inside unsuspectingly of the rough diamond gem they had in store for us. We blinked our eyes in astonishment when we got to the furniture department. There it stood, among ugly old junk which made it really stand out: a wooden salon table painted in white with the most beautifully crafted legs #futurehousetreasure!
It wasn't a hard decision. Even though I had just cleared out my room to create more space, I knew I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. But of course I didn't have any money on me. My mother offered to buy me the table as a gift for me and Daniel. Thank you mom, so sweet!
 As this post goes online, I'm on a train to Amsterdam with coffee and my friend (again). On the table I placed all the accessories that put me in the mood for this Parisian themed day. A postcard, candles, Ladurée bag, pink rose, jewelry and faux fur. I listened to Carla Bruni and put on my best outfit which you can see in tomorrows outfit post. Do you like the accessories I stalled out?
You should really give Tina Dico's song 'Sacre Coeur' a go. So beautiful! And totally Paris-worthy.
 I also really like the fact that this table has a hidden drawer. So I can put away some things to prevent the table from becoming a mess.
What do you think of white furniture? I personally love it. It gives such a clean, bright and airy feel to any room!

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