Monday, October 12, 2015


Last Saturday me and my girl Allysia went to a Paris themed festival in Amsterdam organized by the lovely ladies of NSMBL.  I started the day of sweet with a pink doughnut and girl talk on the train!
Before we knew it we arrived in Amsterdam where we took a bus and then walked for a bit until we got to our destination. We didn't have to wait long to go inside but it took a long time to buy coins and get a locker. Then we chalked down our websites to get our polaroid taken in a yellow bus!
It didn't took long for us to find this! Very ladylike also…
Cheers, girl! These Cointreauversial cocktails were really good. We drank about four of them. Hihi.
My face when I found out all the macarons had vanished... The one thing I had been eyeing the entire day week. I cried a little inside. Luckily for me when I got home my mother had bought me macarons. Yay!!
The goodie bag with great snacks and good products by O.P.I. Oh and hey there is Karlie again!
I got four packages of Maza dip spreads. De-li-cious! I just found out how tasty it is to scoop your Say YES to NO bread chips in tha Yazzara dip from Maza #foodporn
I got a small sample from Embryolisse that I already know I love. And I'm very curious about these Invisibobble headbands. Going to try them out this week!
I thought the white Eiffel Tower and carousel (no picture) were very clever! This made Paris really come to life! But the music could've been a little better. The song choices were good but I could barely hear the music. The same goes for the guest speakers. The sound quality was low which made it hard for everyone to hear them. Overall I had a great time but the waiting lines were quite long. We didn't want to wait an hour to get a tiny piece of paper with our face drawn on it. We chose cocktails instead of getting our hair and nails done and to be honest... Time way better spent!
Do you love Paris just as much as I do?


  1. You and your friend had a perfect day last Saturday.

    1. Thanks mommie, you're right it was a great day!


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