Thursday, October 08, 2015


 If there is one thing that has gained popularity thanks to Pinterest it is fuzzy, furry pillows, benches and stools.  It is always fun to play around with different textures and prints. Combining opposites in fabric, color and size can make things a lot more interesting. My mother and grandmother got me these two stools for my birthday last year and they are still one of my favorite items I have in my room. I would never buy sheepskin or fur but these faux furry stools are right up my street. I felt they deserved their minute of fame so today they are stealing the spotlight from me here at Truly Mar. I hope I can provide some future home inspiration for you with the photographs in this post!
 I use these stools as seat, nightstand, side table and also purely decorative. The overflow of light brown into darker shades of brown, as well as the raw wooden legs are what I find especially pretty. I think everyone should try to make the place they live in, whether that is a villa or a studio apartment, a place that inspires and brings happiness so that everytime you get home and see the items you carefully picked it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy (no pun intended) inside.
 I like to pile a few items on top such as this Vogue magazine and a you pretty little thing candle. Also, how gorgeous is Karlie? I supported her from the very beginning. So happy she's still her beautiful self. And this way she pimps up my room as well!
These type of stools are available at almost any type of interior design shop. Mine are from Intratuin. What do you think of these stools?


  1. I bought this birthday present with youre Granny

    1. True true! So happy I got these from you two :) <3


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