Friday, October 16, 2015


 Let me introduce you to my favorite bag: the Overnight Tote by Guess in nude. I won't ever throw or give away this bag. It is so beautiful and moreover it has sentimental value as I got it from a special someone; my brother Stefan. He gave it to me as a 22nd birthday present in December 2013. I have to admit, there was a time when this beauty was put away in the dustbag but that was only because the handles looked and felt a little fragile and I was afraid it would break. Lesson learned: don't carry stuff around in your handbag that is too heavy.
 But I recently started wearing this bag again as it is quite big and really versatile. And its looks are awesome! Another thing that I really like is the fact that it is a faux leather model. Even though I'm not vegan but vegetarian, I do like to invest in quality items that are produced without hurting or killing animals. 
 The bag has some minor damages such as a few nips from scratching a wall. It really hurt, to see my baby's wounds for the first time. But there is a wise saying and it goes something along the lines of: you can see it's been lived in. Well not literally, obviously, but this bag has come with me to many occasions, formal and informal. And everytime I find how easy it is to combine this bag. There isn't one coat I own, this bag doesn't go well with. It's an allrounder. 
I remember picking out this bag in a store with my mother. The moment is still clear to me because we encountered it unexpectedly in a chic store we had never visited before. It was such a huge present to receive for my birthday and I am still really happy and thankful for it. 
 I am happy Guess has chosen to add a small tag instead of those huge ones that are kind of in your face. This is nice and subtly done.
I think the color is pretty special. We all know nude colored heels, but I don't often see bags in this color range. Downside is that you can see every little spot or scratch very clearly on the material. What is your favorite bag?


  1. Truly a beautiful bag! It is the perfect size for an overnight. XO, Ellese


    1. Thank you Ellese, definitely recommend getting a nude colored bag! xx


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