Monday, October 19, 2015


The other day I went grocery shopping with a friend. She had to run errands and we ended up at the drugstore for shampoo. While she was picking out her necessities, I walked through the aisles not looking for anything in particular. I wasn't even on the lookout for a new iPad case but when I grabbed this off the sheIf I was sold. My old case that I'd been using since the beginning had become a little smudgy. That's what happens when you're in to white-colored accessories. When I saw this studded model by Puro I could already imagine how great my Instagram pictures were gonna look! The crazy mind of a blogger girl...
 Through this video I found out that my iPad case belongs to the Puro ROCK Collection.  In Puro's own words: "A cascade of sparkling studs plays a starring role in this ROCK Collection, to give your device a definite and glamorous touch! Golden rhombus-shaped or silver dots-shaped studs by PURO are the ideal accessory for those who want to look like a star, without sacrificing the design and the maximum of protection."
I have to say I agree with the description given by Puro. It is a very on-trend case while being the shield your iPad needs. If you are like me, you take your device with you everywhere you go. I bring it to school, on the train, to grandma and when I go away from home for a couple of nights. It then just sits in my bag along with all my other belongings. I always try to place my iPad between two bigger objects so it is double secured.
This case has an elastic to make sure the flap stays put over the screen to protect your iPad mini from scratches. This flap has a little magnetic something built-in which makes your iPad go to sleep when you close it, and lit up when you open the case.
I really really like the way the studs look on the outside of the flap but I am afraid to see how short long they will last. My experience with glued-on studs is not so good. Especially when you use your iPad a lot and, like I said before, take it with you in a bag. But we will see how it goes and if the studs manage to exceed my expectations. Only time will tell!

I got my I Love ROCK Puro iPad case at Kruidvat for only €3,99 where it was originally sold for €15,99. What kind of tablet do you have? And how did you dress it up? ;-)

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